How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

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To ensure your beard appears well-groomed and lustrous, dedicating time to its care is crucial, and one of the key aspects is regular washing. But, how often should you wash your beard?

A study conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University and Fragrance Direct revealed that 47% of male beards carry fecal matter. This news might be quite alarming, emphasizing the importance of a good grooming routine for everyone’s hygiene. Therefore, it would be best to find the correct number of washes for your facial fuzz needs.

How Often Should You Wash Your Beard?

The ideal frequency for washing your beard typically ranges from 1 to 3 times per week, depending on various factors such as your skin type, beard texture, lifestyle, and environmental conditions in your living area.

How Often Do You Wash Your Beard

If your time is limited, here’s the brief answer:

Normal Skin – Wash it twice per week
Dry Skin – Wash it once or twice per week
Oily Skin – Wash it three times per week
Combination Skin – Wash it two or three times per week

Stubble Beard – Wash it two or three times per week
Short Beard – Wash it twice per week
Medium Beard – Wash it once or twice
Longer Beard – Once per week

Active Lifestyle/Gym – Rinse with water before and after a workout
Sweaty and Active Job – Wash it every two days

Dry Climates – Wash it once or twice per week
Humid Climates – Wash it two or three times per week

Determining the ideal frequency for washing your beard isn’t straightforward. For instance, if you have dry skin, a stubble beard, an active job that induces sweat, and reside in a dry climate, you should wash your beard twice a week using the most suitable beard products.

This guide serves as a reference, but understanding your beard’s individual needs is crucial. Prioritizing your skin type over other factors is a wise approach to beard care.

What Is Your Skin Type?

Consider your skin type to determine how often you should wash your beard. The ideal number of washes per week varies between oily and dry skin.

Check skin type to determine how often you should wash your beard

If you’re unsure about your skin type, try the bare-faced method: Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser, then pat dry gently. After 30 minutes, check your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead for any shine. After another 30 minutes, assess if your skin feels parched, especially during facial expressions. This test can help determine your skin type.

Dry Skin – Skin feels tight.
Oily Skin – Shine on your cheeks, forehead, and nose
Normal/Combination Skin – Shine on your forehead and nose.

Some guys have highly sensitive skin that reacts to specific triggers, resulting in redness or a scaly rash. Consulting a dermatologist is advisable to find the best-suited solution for your skin’s sensitivity and address any concerns effectively.

Normal Skin

If your skin is well-balanced, neither oily nor dry, and feeling soft with no visible large pores, you’re fortunate. For maintenance, wash your face and beard using a non-comedogenic cleanser twice a week.

Dry Skin

Dry skin lacks adequate sebum production, resulting in a scaly, rough texture that can cause itching and irritation due to insufficient lipids in the skin. For dry skin, washing your face and beard with a hydrating, fragrance-free cleanser once or twice a week is recommended.

Oily Skin

If your skin produces excess oil (sebum), it can lead to clogged pores, resulting in blackheads and breakouts as sebum combines with dead skin cells. This often leaves the skin feeling greasy. To manage this, consider washing your face and beard with a non-comedogenic gel cleanser containing salicylic acid around three times per week.

Combination Skin

With combination skin, you may notice dryness around the cheeks and chin while experiencing oiliness around the forehead and nose. To manage this, consider washing your face and beard using a hydrating, non-comedogenic gel cleanser containing salicylic acid two or three times per week.

What Is Your Beard Length?

Understanding your beard length is essential in determining the frequency of beard washing. The length of your beard plays a significant role in establishing how often it should be washed for optimal care.

Washing Beard Routine


A stubble beard typically grows to a length between 1mm to 5mm after a few days without shaving, which is a favored style for many. For this length, washing your stubble beard two or three times per week is generally recommended.

Short Beard

A short beard, ranging between 5mm to 30mm in length, is a low-maintenance yet ruggedly attractive facial hairstyle. For this style, washing your short beard twice per week is typically sufficient for upkeep.

Medium Beard

A medium beard offers full facial coverage and spans between 30mm to 150mm in length. It requires more attention with a mix of combing and brushing. For this style, washing your medium beard once or twice per week is generally recommended to maintain cleanliness and health.

Long Beard

A long beard is lengthier than 150mm and is characterized by full facial coverage extending well below the chin. This beard type requires substantial effort to maintain its health and appearance. It’s recommended to wash long beards once per week to keep them clean and healthy.

What Is Your Lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is also essential when it comes to how often you should wash your beard. For example, if your life is hectic and you sweat a lot, it’s advisable to increase the frequency of washing your beard.

How often to wash beard

Active Lifestyle/Gym

A highly active lifestyle can result in sweat, dirt, and residue accumulating in your beard, particularly if you frequent the gym almost daily. Washing your beard daily with a cleanser might dry it out. Instead, consider rinsing your beard with water before and after workouts to maintain cleanliness without over-drying.

Rinsing your beard with water before a workout helps eliminate accumulated grime from sleep, daily activities, and prior engagements. Post-workout, it’s also beneficial to rinse your beard with water to remove any sweat, chalk, or additional grime acquired during the exercise.

Your Job

Your profession might determine the ideal frequency for washing your beard. For instance, working in a fast-paced kitchen as a chef or as a subcontractor handling heavy items could lead to unpleasant odors emanating from your beard, necessitating more frequent washing.

If your job induces increased sweating or exposes you to environments with strong odors, you might consider washing your beard every two days. This routine helps prevent pore-clogging oils, keeps grime at bay, and minimizes any unpleasant smells that may develop in your beard.

Consider Other Factors

It’s essential to consider that various other factors can also impact the frequency of washing your facial fuzz.

Environmental Factors

Your geographical location can indeed play a significant role in the health and quality of your beard.

Dry climates can lead to moisture being drawn out of the skin, making your skin and beard dry. You can wash your beard once or twice per week and add a beard conditioner to help with the hydration problem.

Humid climates can lead to a more dirty beard with excessive oil production. You can wash your beard two or three times per week if needed to avoid any inflammation or ingrown hair. Also, add beard oil to your weekly routine.

Water Temperature

I just want to point out that when you wash your beard and face, keep in mind that the water should be lukewarm, neither hot nor cold.

Hot water can potentially lead to inflammation and dryness due to increased circulation. Conversely, cold water might prevent your pores from opening and hinder the absorption of subsequent beard oil or balm.

Apply The Right Beard Products

Using the right beard products can enhance your grooming routine and potentially alleviate discomfort or irritation in your beard. So let’s discuss the products you can include in your beard care routine when washing your facial hair.

How often should I wash my beard

Use Beard Wash

It’s a common misconception to use the same shampoo for both head and beard hair. Hair shampoos designed for the head hair are different from those intended for facial hair. Using head hair shampoo on the beard can lead to skin dryness. Additionally, many hair shampoos strip natural oils, preventing head hair from becoming greasy, which might not be suitable for the beard.

A beard wash is formulated specifically to cleanse your beard and the skin underneath without stripping away natural oils or causing dryness. Opt for a natural beard wash without chemicals that could potentially affect your skin adversely.

How Often Should You Use Beard Wash?

Use a beard wash between 1 to 3 times weekly, considering elements such as your skin and beard type, lifestyle, and the surrounding environment.

Use Beard Conditioner

A beard conditioner is typically applied after using your beard wash and requires rinsing off once applied.

Beard conditioners are excellent for nourishing both your beard and the underlying skin. They promote a healthy shine, facilitate easier combing, and help alleviate irritation or dry skin.

How Often Should You Condition Your Beard?

Use a beard conditioner 1 to 3 times weekly, aligning its usage frequency with that of the beard wash. Don’t forget that factors such as your skin type, beard texture, lifestyle, and environmental conditions influence the amount of times you use the beard conditioner.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil works wonders in moisturizing and softening both your beard and the skin beneath. It’s a blend of various essential oils such as eucalyptus or personal favorites like coconut oil. Particularly suitable for short beards, as the skin absorbs the oil more rapidly in this case.

How Often Should You Oil Your Beard?

Applying beard oils once a day is ideal, preferably after a shower when both your beard and the underlying skin are dry. It can also assist in maintaining a straightened appearance for your beard.

Use Beard Balm

Beard balm is crafted to manage flyaways and keep unruly hairs in place, resulting in a smoother beard appearance. Additionally, it provides moisture and can enhance the appearance of thickness. Particularly beneficial for longer beards, as it allows shaping and styling.

How Often Should You Balm Your Beard?

Applying beard balm once a day is recommended, preferably after a shower when both your beard and the underlying skin are dry.

Common Questions

Should I Wash My Beard Every Day If I Workout?

There’s no necessity to wash your beard after each workout session. Instead, I recommend rinsing it with lukewarm water before and after exercising, as it effectively removes sweat, dirt, and chalk residue.

Is It Good To Wash Your Beard Every Day?

Rinsing your beard daily with lukewarm water is beneficial. However, using beard shampoo every day can potentially dry out the skin underneath and weaken your facial hair in the long run.

Can I Wash My Beard With Just Water?

Indeed, you can opt to cleanse your beard solely with water, especially if you want to do it daily. However, for a complete grooming routine, especially for longer beards, incorporating beard oils, balms, and washes is recommended to maintain its health and appearance.

What Happens When You Over Wash Your Beard?

Washing your beard excessively isn’t favorable for its health. This practice can lead to adverse effects such as disrupting skin oil production, drying out both the beard and the skin underneath, causing hair to become brittle with split ends, and encouraging dandruff formation.

Does Washing Your Beard Help It Grow?

Directly, no, but indirectly, maintaining a clean beard, smooth skin underneath, and well-groomed hair through a proper beard care routine can contribute to healthier conditions for beard growth.

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