How To Straighten Your Beard? (In 6 Steps)

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Men often strive to appear well-groomed and attractive. Mastering the art of how to straighten your beard can significantly contribute to this goal.

Men often grow beards for diverse reasons, whether it’s a trend or a means to conceal perceived imperfections. However, failing to maintain it properly can draw attention and negative opinions toward its curly appearance and lack of upkeep.

Straightening your beard is a personal choice and maintaining your beard or mustache doesn’t require as much time as anticipated. However, for some men, facial hair tends to curl up after a few days without grooming (including myself). Fortunately, there are techniques available to help. Let’s learn how to straighten your beard.

Why Are Some Beards Curly?

The variations in beard curliness among men can be attributed to the shape of their hair follicles, with some having naturally curly beards while others do not. Genetics play a significant role in determining beard curliness, often influenced by the PRSS53 gene.

How to Straighten Beard Hair

Hair follicles that are symmetrical tend to produce straighter hair, while asymmetrical follicles are more prone to yielding curly hair. While having naturally curly hair follicles doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of growing a straight beard, it emphasizes the influence of genetics on the shape and dimensions of your facial hair.

Dryness in your beard, often stemming from dry skin or dandruff, can increase the curliness of your facial hair. Incorrect shampoo usage or over-washing can strip away natural oils, contributing to dryness and making your beard appear curlier.

Insufficient water intake causes dehydration, leading to dry skin and potential issues like split ends in your beard. To manage excessive curliness, consider increasing water intake and using beard moisturizers.

Numerous factors contribute to the curliness of your beard. It’s often not a singular cause but a combination of controllable factors that influence how straight or curly your beard appears.

Should You Straighten Your Beard?

Preferences for beard style and presentation vary widely among individuals. While some prefer the tidiness and stylish appearance of a straightened beard, others might favor the natural, rugged look of their curly facial hair. It’s truly a matter of personal choice and style.

For some, straightening their beard is a preferred grooming choice, while others opt for a more natural look. Using proper products and tools can help minimize potential heat damage. However, incorrect handling of these methods can pose risks.

How To Straighten Your Beard?

When aiming to straighten your beard, there are two methods you can utilize: one using a heated brush and another utilizing a blow dryer. You should also learn how to brush your beard properly.

How To Straighten Your Beard With A Heated Brush?

A heated brush is an effective tool for straightening your beard as it offers adjustable temperature settings. This feature ensures the safety of your hair follicles while providing a straightened appearance, suitable for both curly and wavy facial hair types.

When using a heated brush, you’ll notice immediate results as you start brushing your beard. These brushes offer various heat settings, and the time taken for straightening depends on the temperature you select. Utilizing a heated brush efficiently eliminates frizz and allows you to style your beard quickly within a few minutes.

Step 1 – Ensure Your Beard Is Cleaned And Dry

Prior to grooming your beard, it’s essential to wash and thoroughly dry it (the frequency of beard washing each week varies based on several factors). This practice ensures that your brush moves smoothly through the hair without getting tangled with dirt, oil, or any residual food particles.

Step 2 – Add Some Oil Or Balm

Applying beard oil or balm before using a heated brush can help replenish moisture and prevent dryness caused by the heat. Allow the beard oil to soak in for at least 5 minutes before using the heated brush. Check out some of the benefits of beard oil.

Step 3 – Set the Temperature Right

The most common mistake when using a heated brush is setting the temperature too high. I found that setting it to around 185 degrees Celsius (385 degrees Fahrenheit) worked well for me as a starting point. Adjust it according to your beard’s response and tolerance to heat.

Step 4 – Create Tension

When applying heat along with tension to your beard, you straighten the hair follicles. Comb the hair section while holding the brush vertically. Avoid pressing too firmly, as it’s unnecessary and could potentially cause heat damage or burns to your skin or hair.

Step 5 – Brush It Downward

After creating tension, gently and slowly brush down your beard. This ensures all hair is straightened and removes any frizz caused by the heat. Avoid leaving the heated brush in one spot on your beard for too long, and maintain a constant motion while using it.

Step 6 – Style Your Beard

Apply a small amount of beard balm to shape and style your beard as desired. You can use your fingers or a comb for this purpose.

How To Straighten Your Beard With A Blow Dryer?

Straightening your beard with a blow dryer can be a viable alternative if you lack a heated brush. However, it’s not my preferred method due to the potential for causing beard damage if used improperly. 

Always maintain a safe distance between the blow dryer and your face to prevent any potential damage or burns. In a 2011 study, it was noted that using hair dryers within 15 centimeters of the scalp might cause slight damage to the hair follicle.

Step 1 – Ensure Your Beard Is Cleaned And Damp

Wash and pat dry your beard with a towel before using a blow dryer. This helps in allowing the brush to move through the hair smoothly without getting tangled with dirt, oil, or any residual particles.

Step 2 – Add Some Oil Or Balm

Using a blow dryer can strip your facial hair of its natural oils and cause dryness. Applying a few drops of beard oil or balm can help to rehydrate your beard and prevent dryness. Allow the beard oil to soak in for at least 5 minutes before using the blow dryer.

Step 3 – Set Your Blow Dryer To The Right Temperature

Adjusting the blow dryer to the wrong temperature is a common mistake. It’s best to start with medium heat and then make adjustments as needed, depending on your beard needs.

Step 4 – Brush It Up And Outwards

Start by using a comb or brush to brush your beard in a twisting motion, moving upward and outward. Make sure to cover areas under your chin and your mustache as well.

Step 5 – Brush Your Beard Down

After brushing your beard upwards, switch directions and brush it downwards to straighten your hair follicles. Take your time and perform this action slowly to avoid causing any damage to your facial hair.

Step 6 – Style Your Beard

Apply a small amount of beard oil or balm and shape your beard using either a comb or your hands.

How To Keep Your Beard Straight?

To ensure you keep your beard straightened you can use beard oil and balm, a beard brush, and even sea salt spray.

How To Keep Your Beard Straight

Use Beard Oil And Balm

By now, you’re aware that both beard oil and balm contribute to maintaining a straightened beard and can also alleviate discomfort associated with your beard. Both hydrate and soften hair follicles.

Beard oil effectively moisturizes the skin beneath your beard, preventing dryness that might cause your beard to curl. On the other hand, beard balm, more suitable for longer beards, hydrates the beard and aids in defining and styling your facial hair according to your preference.

These two products are crucial to maintaining your beard’s straightened look while keeping it well-hydrated. Continuous straightening can potentially damage your beard, but with proper care using these products, you can minimize any harm to your facial hair.

Use Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray isn’t exclusively for head hair. When used on beards, it provides a similar effect—adding texture and thickness while also aiding in removing excess oil buildup, resulting in a lighter feel and enhanced texturizing for the beard.

If you’re concerned about sea salt enhancing the curliness of your beard due to its magnesium chloride content, consider taking preventive measures to maintain the straightened look, like using a beard brush.

Use A Beard Brush

Brushing your beard daily helps maintain its straightness and cleanliness. A beard brush effectively removes dead skin cells and accumulated dirt, keeping your facial hair healthy and well-groomed.

A beard brush evenly distributes beard oil and balm throughout your facial hair, ensuring proper hydration and styling. Combing your beard, much like combing head hair, aids in straightening and maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

Common Questions

Is Beard Straighten Worth It?

Beard straightening is an excellent method to keep your facial hair looking tidy and well-maintained. It’s particularly beneficial if you find excessive curliness to be messy or bothersome. Additionally, straightening your beard can create the appearance of a longer beard.

Are Beard Straighteners Bad For Your Hair?

When used incorrectly, a beard straightener can potentially damage your beard. However, when used correctly and in conjunction with beard oil, balm, and a brush, it poses no harm and can be quite beneficial in maintaining your beard’s health and appearance.

Does Beard Oil Straighten Your Beard?

Beard oil indirectly contributes to straightening your beard by moisturizing the skin underneath, preventing dryness that could result in curly hair. However, for straightening, using a beard brush along with a beard straightener or blow dryer is still necessary.

How To Permanently Straighten Your Beard?

Achieving a permanently straightened beard isn’t possible, but maintaining a consistent daily grooming routine can keep your beard looking tidy and straight.

How To Straighten Short Beard?

For shorter beards, using a quality beard brush along with beard balm can help in shaping and styling, contributing to a neat appearance.

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