What Color Tie Goes With A Black Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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Selecting an appropriate tie color to complement your black shirt might be challenging, but making the right choice can elevate your outfit. So what color tie goes with a black shirt?

Timeless, bold, and undeniably stylish, the black shirt is a staple that holds a unique place in men’s fashion. Whether aiming for a sharp, professional look or a statement-making ensemble, the black shirt must be paired with the right color tie. Let’s explore some of the best tie color combinations that complement black shirts.

What Color Tie Goes With A Black Shirt?

The tie colors that best complement a black shirt are grey, silver, black, burgundy, pink, and green.

What Color Tie Goes With A Black Shirt

Though there are various shades of black, the subtle distinctions often go unnoticed by most guys, only apparent in direct comparison. So the shade of black in your shirt will make no difference regarding the tie color you pick.

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In men’s fashion, the choice of not wearing a tie with a black shirt is quite popular, especially in casual or business casual settings. The reason is the challenge of finding a necktie darker than the shirt itself. Given that black is the darkest color, it restricts the options for complementary ties. But let me show you some of what color ties go with a black shirt.

Black Shirt With A Grey Tie

Black Shirt With Grey Tie

You can opt for combining a black shirt with a grey tie due to the similar tones that create a subtle yet sophisticated contrast, no matter the specific shade of grey you choose to wear.

The shade of grey you choose hardly matters as they all complement a black shirt splendidly. Personally, I appreciate the subtle contrast between a black shirt and a charcoal or dark grey necktie. However, for a bolder contrast, pairing a black shirt with a light grey tie also works well.

The rest of your ensemble can incorporate a mix of black and grey tones. Opt for grey shoes with either a dark or light grey suit, paired with a matching belt, and a black watch. While a black suit is also a good choice, consider adding some contrast with grey, particularly since you’re wearing a grey necktie.

Black Shirt With A Silver Tie

Black Shirt With Silver Tie

For an alternative to the black and grey combination, consider a silver tie. The shimmering of silver creates a striking contrast with black, imparting refinement and charm to your attire. Silver signifies refinement, modernity, glamour, and wealth, adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

Choose to pair your black shirt with a light grey suit instead of a black suit to highlight the silver shade of your necktie. Elevate this ensemble with dark grey dress shoes, a coordinating belt, and a grey metal watch. Since you’re wearing a black shirt, you can also consider complementing it with a black watch to incorporate more black into the overall look.

Black Shirt With A Black Tie

Black Shirt With Black Tie

Many men might be surprised by pairing a black shirt with a black necktie, as the typical rule involves adding contrast between the shirt and tie. However, this combination is ideal for a black-tie event, offering a refined and elegant look.

There are subtle variations in shades of black, although they might not be readily noticeable. Attempt to incorporate a necktie in a slightly different shade of black from the rest of your outfit, aiming for an extremely subtle contrast. However, don’t worry too much if you can’t distinguish between the shades of black.

Opt for a monochromatic look by coordinating your black shirt and tie with the different shades of black in the rest of the outfit. Black shoes pair well with black pants or a black suit. Complete the look by adding a black belt and a black watch. This combination is ideal for formal occasions or winter cocktail parties.

Black Shirt With A Burgundy Tie

Black Shirt With Burgundy Tie

Matching a black shirt with a burgundy necktie creates an elegant contrast that stands out without being too overpowering. The deep, rich tones of burgundy complement the darkness of the black shirt, adding a touch of sophistication and color to the overall look. A black tie is also the optimal choice for a burgundy shirt.

Opt for a dark burgundy necktie when pairing it with a black shirt. While a more vivid burgundy is an option, a darker shade tends to complement the black shirt more effectively. Additionally, consider wearing a burgundy necktie with black patterns for a different yet stylish combination.

Pairing a black shirt with burgundy trousers creates a striking and eye-catching ensemble. Complete the look with black shoes and a corresponding belt. Add some more burgundy to the look with a burgundy leather watch.

Black Shirt With A Pink Tie

Black Shirt With Pink Tie

Some men might feel hesitant about wearing pink, but a black shirt paired with a pink necktie creates an appealing contrast. Pink is commonly linked with nurturing, playfulness, and sentimentality. A pink necktie also matches greatly with a grey shirt.

Avoid vivid or intense shades of pink when selecting a necktie to pair with a black shirt. Opt for lighter or darker hues of pink to achieve a more complementary and balanced look with the black shirt. In my opinion, a light pink tie complements a black shirt nicely, offering a pleasant contrast between the two colors.

Opt for an all-black ensemble featuring a black suit, shoes, a matching belt, and a black watch. This setup allows the pink necktie to stand out prominently and catch attention. Whether it’s a business meeting, a wedding, or a cocktail party, pairing a pink tie with a black shirt creates a striking impression.

Black Shirt With A Green Tie

Black Shirt With Green Tie

You can certainly consider pairing a green tie with a black shirt, similar to how a green shirt complements black pants. Although it might not be the most conventional choice, selecting the right shade of green can create an appealing combination with a black shirt.

If you’re opting for a black shirt along with green pants and a green necktie, seek to align the shade of green in your tie with the one on your pants. Steer clear of lighter greens and instead consider forest green, dark olive green, emerald green, or khaki green. These shades contrast and complement a black shirt most effectively.

How To Match A Tie With A Black Shirt?

When choosing a tie to match your black shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, the rest of the outfit, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.

Focus On Color

The critical aspect is to ensure that the color of your tie complements your black shirt well; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Selecting the ideal necktie for your black shirt often involves opting for classic colors like grey or black. Additionally, less conventional choices such as burgundy, silver, pink, or green tie can also complement a black shirt.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

Ideally, aiming for contrast between your tie and black shirt is key to making your necktie stand out. Colors like silver, light grey, pink, burgundy, and green provide great contrast and enhance the overall look. Yet, if you prefer a more monochromatic approach, selecting a black or dark grey tie can offer a subtler contrast.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your black shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain black shirt. If your black shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. Moreover, if your patterned black shirt includes a shade of grey, pairing it with a plain grey necktie can emphasize color harmony within your overall ensemble.

Focus On The Outfit

Your outfit should not be dictated by your tie; instead, your tie should complement your ensemble. Ensure that the necktie either stands out or harmonizes with the overall monochromatic appearance of your outfit. This approach helps achieve balance and prevents clashes in colors or patterns.

Focus On Occasion

It’s equally important to consider the occasion whether it’s formal or informal, whether you’ll be among friends or clients, the season (summer or winter), and the nature of the event (celebratory or more formal). All these aspects play a role in determining the appropriate color for your necktie.

Black, grey, and silver neckties may be better suitable for formal events with clients and winter gatherings, but burgundy, pink, and green ties match a more casual event, with friends, celebrating a summer day.

Common Questions

What Tie Goes With All Black?

For an entirely black outfit, a black tie is undoubtedly the most fitting choice, especially for formal occasions. However, the colors highlighted in this article, grey, silver, burgundy, pink, and green would also complement an all-black ensemble quite well.

Can I Wear A Navy Tie With A Black Shirt?

Fashion preferences vary, and there’s room for personal style choices. In my opinion, a navy necktie might not provide the ideal contrast when paired with a black shirt. For a more monochromatic appearance, a black or dark grey tie could complement a black shirt more effectively.

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