What Color Pants Go With A Black Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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Black shirts offer a timeless and sophisticated look. Their neutrality allows for versatile pairing with various hues, but what color pants go with a black shirt?

I’m not typically a huge fan of black attire unless the occasion is formal. However, several pant colors pair well with a black shirt and create a stylish look. To simplify things for you, I’ve chosen six shades that, in my opinion, complement a black shirt the best

What Color Pants Go With A Black Shirt?

The pants colors that effortlessly complement a black shirt are black, grey, green, khaki, burgundy, and white.

What Color Pants With A Black Shirt

Though there are various shades of black, the subtle distinctions often go unnoticed by most guys, only apparent in direct comparison. So let’s take a look at each pants color individually and find out what color pants go with a black shirt.

Black Shirt With Black Pants

Black Shirt With Black Pants

Beginning with a monochromatic approach, matching your black shirt with black pants creates a classic yet sophisticated appearance suitable for formal events or evening semi-formal gatherings.

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Many guys overlook the nuances in the different shades of black as they might appear similar. However, when pairing a black suit with a black shirt, slight variations in shades become more apparent. Ideally, the black shirt should have a subtle difference in shade from the suit, but if not, it’s not a major concern.

Black shoes are the best match for black pants and black suits, so keeping your accessories like the belt, socks, and watch in black as well, makes the outfit more cohesive. To introduce a subtle contrast, consider accessorizing with a silver or grey necktie. For a more relaxed appearance, you can skip the tie, although achieving a casual look with the most formal color can be a bit challenging.

Black Shirt With Grey Pants

Black Shirt With Grey Pants

Pairing a black shirt with grey pants might lean towards a monochromatic look, especially if the grey is dark, but the contrast will be more apparent compared to pairing with black trousers. This combo can offer a subtle, masculine vibe for some, while others might find it a bit bland. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.

Any shade of grey complements a black shirt well. For a bold contrast, opt for light grey pants in a casual business setting. For a more understated and formal appearance, choose charcoal or dark grey slacks to pair with your black shirt.

Ensure the rest of your attire comprises a mix of grey and black accessories. Choose black shoes and a black belt, while incorporating contrast with a grey or silver tie and a silver watch. These subtle touches distinguish your outfit from others, allowing you to stand out in a sea of similar colors and clothing.

Black Shirt With Green Pants

Black Shirt With Green Pants

A black shirt with green pants is not a commonly seen combination, but it’s worth considering. Opt for darker green tones, including shades like khaki, olive, or army green. Avoid vivid or lighter greens, as the contrast might not be visually appealing.

You might opt for a black shirt paired with green slacks for casual business meetings or smart casual occasions. To avoid an overly formal look, add a touch of color with a green necktie while coordinating it with black shoes and a black belt.

Black Shirt With Khaki Pants

Black Shirt With Khaki Pants

For summer evening events, consider styling your black shirt with khaki pants for a fashionable yet slightly formal appearance. This combination adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, making it suitable for nighttime occasions during the summer.

You can pair a black shirt with various shades of khaki pants, although lighter khaki tones and khaki green slacks tend to complement the black shirt more elegantly. Beige or cream trousers are also an option, but generally, khaki shades create a better visual harmony with a black shirt.

When styling the rest of the outfit, opt for brown shoes as they complement khaki pants excellently. While I typically avoid pairing brown and black, it surprisingly works well with khaki. A brown belt and watch can further enhance the ensemble. I’d suggest skipping the tie for a more refined look.

Black Shirt With Burgundy Pants

Black Shirt With Burgundy Pants

Combining a black shirt with burgundy trousers creates a bold and attention-grabbing ensemble. While not the most common pairing, it exudes sophistication and elegance, making it an ideal choice for weddings.

Opt for a darker shade of burgundy or a maroon tone when selecting pants to pair with a black shirt. These hues strike a balanced contrast without overwhelming the outfit, ensuring a stylish and cohesive appearance. Vivid burgundy shades might create too much contrast and affect the overall look.

Reversing the colors of the outfit is a fantastic styling approach. Pairing a black shirt with a burgundy tie and watch, alongside burgundy trousers complemented by a black belt and dress shoes, creates a polished and cohesive look.

Black Shirt With White Pants

Black Shirt With White Pants

The classic pairing of a white shirt and black pants remains a staple in men’s fashion. However, flipping the colors by styling a black shirt with white pants delivers a relaxed outfit with slightly formal vibes, provided you coordinate the accessories thoughtfully.

Forego the necktie for a more relaxed look and opt for black dress shoes or casual black trainers (avoid typical athletic sneakers). If you’re aiming for a casual vibe, consider accessorizing with a black or white sports watch, but this works best when pairing with casual shoes rather than dress shoes.

How To Match Pants With A Black Shirt?

When selecting pants to pair with your black shirt, it’s essential to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Black Color In Men's Fashion

When choosing the ideal color pants that pair well with a black shirt, opt for analogous colors that share similar undertones. White and grey pants are excellent choices in this regard.

Black, as a neutral hue, lacks traditional complementary colors, but you can achieve a monochromatic look by pairing different shades of black with your shirt and trousers.

Contrast And Patterns

Black Color Shirt - Contrast and Patterns

Creating contrast with a black shirt can be tricky, yet pairing it with different color pants is quite versatile. Don’t stress about achieving a perfect contrast; darker hues work well when paired with black.

When choosing a patterned black shirt with your pants, it’s best to pair it with plain pants for balance. Conversely, if you opt for patterned pants, consider pairing them with a solid-colored black shirt. Additionally, if your black patterned shirt includes shades like grey, complement the outfit by choosing plain grey slacks to emphasize color coordination.

Dress For The Occasion

Black shirts are versatile for any occasion (but mostly formal events), depending on the rest of your outfit. When choosing a pants color to match, consider the event’s formality, whether formal or casual. To make your life easier I’ve included recommendations for each pants color in the previous pictures.

Common Questions

Can You Wear Blue Pants With A Black Shirt?

The choice of pairing a black shirt with navy pants varies among men; some find it suitable, while others don’t. Personally, I’m not inclined towards this combination as it tends to offer minimal contrast. If you want a low-contrast look, pair your black shirt with black or dark grey pants.

Can You Wear Brown Pants With A Black Shirt?

The pairing of a black shirt with brown pants tends to draw mixed opinions, and personally, I’m not a big fan of this combination, especially with dark brown pants. However, khaki, beige, and maroon pants, which contain brown elements, complement a black shirt more effectively.

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