What Color Shoes With Black Pants? (Outfit Ideas)

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Black trousers are a top pick among men and usually pair well with most other shades. However, finding the right shoes to match black pants can sometimes be challenging. So, what color shoes with black pants?

I found it unexpectedly challenging to pair various shoe shades with my black pants. I anticipated that being a neutral color, black would easily match everything, but that’s not the case with shoes. Let’s explore some of the best shoe color combinations that complement black trousers.

What Color Shoes With Black Pants?

The shoe colors that best complement black pants are black, grey, white, and burgundy.

What Color Shoes Go With Black Pants

Though there are various shades of black, the subtle distinctions often go unnoticed by most guys, only apparent in direct comparison. So the shade of black in your pants will make no difference regarding the shoe color you pick.

I’ve noticed various men pairing black pants with a wide range of shoe colors, and some others stating it’s possible without showing if they look good or not. Fashion is subjective, but I believe that certain shoe colors do not complement black slacks well. So let’s take a look at each shoe color individually and find out what color shoes go with black pants.

Black Pants With Black Shoes

Black Pants With Black Shoes

Pairing black pants with black shoes is a classic and elegant choice, suitable for formal occasions due to its sophisticated appearance. It’s the easiest and most popular selection among men.

This combination exudes professionalism, making it perfect for formal events such as business meetings, job interviews, weddings, galas, or any occasion requiring a formal dress code. However, it might not be as suitable for casual events due to the formality associated with black. Nonetheless, if you choose to wear it, your style won’t be questioned.

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While black shoes remain the classic match for black pants, adding a touch of color can elevate your outfit. Consider pairing your ensemble with a light blue shirt and a burgundy necktie for a subtle pop of color. Alternatively, for a more formal look, a white shirt coupled with a black tie would complement the outfit. After all, white shirts remain a classic pairing with black pants.

Black Pants With Grey Shoes

Black Pants With Grey Shoes

Although not commonly found in every guy’s wardrobe, grey dress shoes make an excellent pairing with black pants. If you keep an eye on fashion events, you might spot men occasionally donning black suits matched with grey shoes.

When pairing grey shoes with black pants, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate shade of grey. A lighter grey might not be the best choice as it creates a stark contrast that can draw excessive attention to the shoes, potentially overshadowing the rest of your outfit.

Choose dark grey shoes, preferably in a darker shade, when styling them with black pants, especially if it’s a black suit. Incorporate hints of grey in other elements of your outfit, such as a light grey shirt, a dark grey belt, a charcoal tie, and a grey metal watch for a coordinated and sophisticated look.

Black Pants With White Shoes

Black Pants With White Sneakers

You might be surprised to read this, but pairing black pants with white shoes can actually create a surprisingly good casual look. This combination is best reserved for casual settings when you want to achieve a smart yet relaxed look.

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The trend of pairing white sneakers with black pants is gaining popularity among men, which is slowly growing on me. I’ve come to realize that it can actually create a stylish look, that you can wear without a tie.

While the standard rule is to match your belt color with your shoes, wearing a white belt with this combination might be too striking and won’t complement the overall outfit. Instead, choose a black belt for a more cohesive look.

Black Pants With Burgundy Shoes

Black Pants With Burgundy Shoes

I’ll admit I’ve suggested this pairing, but I’m still uncertain about combining burgundy shoes with black pants. I don’t find it too bad if you opt for black slacks paired with a darker shade of burgundy shoes (it has to be super dark).

Burgundy shoes complement navy pants quite well and also pair decently with grey slacks. However, when it comes to black trousers, I’m still not entirely convinced. I’m presenting this possibility for you to decide whether it works for you or not.

Pairing black pants and burgundy shoes with a light pink shirt, complemented by a matching burgundy necktie and a watch, can create a stylish ensemble. In this combination, opting for a black belt instead of a burgundy one creates a sleeker look, minimizing contrast for a more cohesive outfit.

How To Match Shoes With Black Pants?

Choosing the right shoes to match your black pants requires consideration of color coordination, seasonal relevance, and the specific occasion.

Focus On Color

The critical aspect is to ensure that the color of your shoes complements your black pants well; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

It’s essential to recognize that black and grey shoes are reliable choices to pair with black pants. In addition to these, white sneakers and burgundy dress shoes can also be considered viable options to diversify your outfit combinations. Additionally, considering the specific occasion and seasonal context can help refine and determine the ideal shoe color to match your black trousers.

Focus On Seasonability

Shoe color choices aren’t restricted by seasons, with darker shades like black, burgundy, and grey often complementing winter fashion, while white tends to resonate more with summer styles.

The shoe style you opt for can significantly impact your overall appearance. Black pants are often preferred for evening occasions and are commonly associated with the cooler seasons like winter and autumn. Opting for black boots or darker-toned boat shoes and loafers can be the ideal choice to complement the attire seamlessly.

Focus On Occasion

Pairing black pants with different shoe colors allows for versatility in different settings. Black shoes provide a classic and formal look, grey shoes offer a professional vibe, burgundy shoes can create a sophisticated business-casual appearance, and white sneakers bring a relaxed and casual style.

Common Questions

Can I Wear Brown Shoes With Black Pants?

There is a school of thought that oxblood dress shoes can pair acceptably with black pants, similar to burgundy shoes. However, I don’t find brown shoes a suitable match, even with darker shades, as they don’t seem to complement black pants well.

Can I Wear Navy Shoes With Black Pants?

I personally tend to avoid pairing navy shoes with black pants or black shoes with navy pants. The combination doesn’t appeal to my taste and I find it less visually appealing. Give it a try yourself, but you have better options in this case like black or grey shoes.

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