What Color Tie Goes With A Blue Suit? (Outfit Ideas)

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Blue suits come in various shades, ranging from navy blue to lighter hues like royal blue and sky blue. This versatility allows men to choose a shade that suits their style and the occasion. But what color tie goes with a blue suit?

What Color Tie Goes With A Blue Suit?

The tie colors that best complement a blue suit are navy, brown, burgundy, pink, green, and grey.

What Color Tie Goes With A Blue Suit

The shades of blue in your suit may not significantly affect the choice of necktie color. Instead, it’s the color of your shirt that predominantly guides the selection of the tie. However, this doesn’t imply that any color tie goes well with a blue suit. It’s essential to exercise proper judgment to guarantee the overall ensemble looks good.

Blue Suit With A Navy Tie

Blue Suit With A Navy Tie

If you’re into a monochromatic vibe, teaming up a blue suit with a navy necktie is a no-fail option, especially if your suit leans towards darker blues. Even with a royal blue or light blue suit, a navy necktie still looks sharp. I tend to prefer aligning the shade of blue in my tie with the one on my suit, either matching it exactly or going for a very similar hue. It all boils down to how much you want your tie to pop.

When it comes to shirts, you have three color options: light blue, light pink, or white. The choice is yours since all of them complement any shade of blue in your suit or navy in your necktie. Pair your blue suit with brown shoes and a coordinating belt, and remember to accessorize with a navy or brown watch.

Blue Suit With A Brown Tie

Blue Suit With A Brown Tie

Brown neckties aren’t as favored among men compared to classic colors like navy, black, grey, or burgundy. I lean towards wearing a brown necktie with blue suits rather than navy ones, as it adds a casual touch while maintaining a professional look.

Don’t take me wrong, I find that a dark blue suit pairs elegantly with a dark brown necktie and medium chocolate shades (I tend to avoid lighter browns here). For a royal blue suit, I’d recommend a chocolate or more vibrant brown tie, while light blue suits can harmonize with any shade of brown, offering versatility based on your desired contrast.

Given your brown necktie and blue suit, there’s no better match than brown shoes with a coordinating belt. For lighter blue suits, a white shirt is typically the best pick, while a light blue shirt complements darker blue suits, ensuring a contrast between the suit and shirt. Finish off the ensemble with either a brown or navy watch.

Blue Suit With A Burgundy Tie

Blue Suit With A Burgundy Tie

My top pick for navy suits is a burgundy necktie, and it remains an excellent choice for suits in any shade of blue. This color combination creates a harmonious balance between cool and warm tones. The burgundy tie adds a pop of color to the outfit without being too overpowering.

I lean towards pairing a burgundy tie with darker blue suits as it strikes the right balance of contrast, offering sophistication and professionalism, although it may be slightly daring for some. I also appreciate the soft blue hue known as French blue, which pairs nicely with a burgundy necktie, providing a more relaxed vibe.

You have the option of pairing a white shirt with burgundy shoes and a matching belt. However, why not wear that beige dress shirt in your wardrobe and pair it with beige shoes when wearing a light blue suit? Complete the look with a brown belt and either a burgundy or brown watch.

Blue Suit With A Pink Tie

Blue Suit With A Pink Tie

Although some men may be hesitant to wear pink, it’s important to note that not all shades of pink are the same. A soft, pastel pink necktie can be more subtle and easier to integrate with a blue suit compared to a vibrant or neon pink.

A light pink shirt complements both darker and lighter blue suits, as the contrast remains noticeable, although more subtle with a light blue suit. Personally, I’m not a fan of a bright pink tie, but some men pair it with vibrant blue suits, creating a big contrast where the necktie tends to overpower the overall look, which I don’t like. Dark pink ties also pair excellently with any shade of blue in your suit.

Although brown shoes and a brown belt are a classic choice, think of pink as a bridge between blue and burgundy. Consider opting for burgundy shoes, a matching belt, and a leather watch in the same hue. A white shirt complements this outfit perfectly, providing a neutral shade to balance the overall look.

Blue Suit With A Green Tie

Blue Suit With A Green Tie

Combining blue and green in men’s fashion is simple because they’re analogous colors that harmonize naturally. With a range of green neckties and different shades of blue suits to choose from, creating stylish combinations is effortless.

While I’m not keen on pairing a light green necktie with a light blue shirt, I find it works well with a light blue suit, especially when contrasted with a white shirt. Dark green ties are always a great match for light blue suits. For dark blue suits, it’s preferable to choose dark green neckties over lighter shades of green.

Although a light blue shirt is an option, I recommend choosing a white dress shirt instead. Complete the look with navy dress shoes, a navy belt, and a navy leather watch.

Blue Suit With A Grey Tie

Blue Suit With A Grey Tie

For a sophisticated and slightly more professional appearance, consider pairing a blue suit with a grey necktie. It’s common to pair a navy tie with a grey suit, but you can also reverse it and still achieve a stylish look.

You have the flexibility to pair your blue suit with various shades of grey, whether they’re lighter or darker. To maintain a professional vibe, opt for dark grey ties; for a more laid-back yet still polished look, go for lighter greys. Personally, I find the contrast of a cobalt blue suit with a charcoal tie quite striking.

You’ve got several choices between navy, grey, and brown shoes for this outfit. I’ve gone with grey dress shoes and a matching belt to enhance the cohesion with the grey necktie. A light grey shirt pairs well with dark grey neckties, while opt for a light blue or white shirt with light grey ties. Finish off the look with a navy, silver, or grey watch.

How To Match A Tie With A Blue Suit?

When selecting a tie for your blue suit, essential factors to consider include your shirt color, contrast, patterns, and dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Focus On The Shirt Color

Ensure your necktie color complements not just your blue suit, but also coordinates harmoniously with your shirt. The tie’s color choice should align with your shirt, setting the tone for the overall look, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

When deciding on contrast and patterns, prioritize the color and patterns of your necktie and shirt rather than focusing on your blue suit.

For optimal visual impact, it’s recommended to seek contrast between your necktie and shirt, allowing the necktie to stand out. If your shirt is dark, opt for a lighter necktie, and vice versa if your shirt is light. Alternatively, for a cohesive, monochromatic style, choose a necktie and shirt in similar shades.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain shirt. If your shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. The key is to strike an equilibrium between these two elements of your attire to achieve a more cohesive overall look.

Focus On Occasion

It’s equally important to consider the occasion whether it’s formal or informal, whether you’ll be among friends or clients, the season (summer or winter), and the nature of the event (celebratory or more formal). All these aspects play a role in determining the appropriate color for your necktie.

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