What Color Tie With A Navy Suit? (Outfit Ideas)

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The navy suit remains a cornerstone of men’s fashion, epitomizing timeless elegance and versatility. The selection of an appropriate tie to complement this iconic attire plays a crucial role in defining a polished and sophisticated look. So what color tie with a navy suit?

Pairing the right tie color with a navy suit requires an understanding of color coordination and style nuances. The depth and richness of navy accommodate a spectrum of tie hues, allowing for an array of combinations suitable for formal events, professional settings, or casual occasions. So let’s check the best tie color combinations for navy suits.

What Color Tie With A Navy Suit?

The tie colors that best complement a navy suit are burgundy, grey, silver, navy, green, and pink.

What Color Tie Goes With A Navy Suit

The shades of navy in your suit may not significantly affect the choice of necktie color. Instead, it’s the color of your shirt that predominantly guides the selection of the tie. However, this doesn’t imply that any color tie goes well with a navy suit. It’s essential to exercise proper judgment to guarantee the overall ensemble looks good.

Navy Suit With A Burgundy Tie

Navy Suit With A Burgundy Tie

I find pairing a burgundy necktie with a navy suit to be my preferred choice as it creates a rich and elegant ensemble. The deep, classic navy tone serves as a solid base that complements the warmth and richness of burgundy, resulting in a visually appealing contrast.

Your choice of tie often depends on the shirt you’re wearing, but for a royal navy suit, consider pairing it with a reddish burgundy necktie. However, if your suit is a darker navy, a deep burgundy necktie can create a more elegant and refined look.

Opt for brown shoes and a matching belt, as brown pairs well with both colors. However, if you’re aiming for a standout look, consider burgundy shoes and a matching belt to draw attention to your ensemble. A light blue shirt is my personal favorite choice, but a white or pink shirt would also complement the outfit nicely.

Navy Suit With A Grey Tie

Navy Suit With A Grey Tie

A navy suit combined with a grey tie is a classic office pairing favored by many guys. It’s a sophisticated yet subtle choice that showcases a keen eye for detail and a touch of style. This combination is often a safe bet for a professional look.

All variations of grey pair well with navy hues. To achieve a subtle contrast, consider matching your navy suit with a dark-colored dress shirt and a deep grey necktie. Conversely, for a more pronounced contrast, select a necktie opposite in shade to your shirt. If the shirt is dark, opt for a lighter tie, and vice versa.

For a coordinated look, consider choosing dark grey dress shoes and a corresponding belt. Brown shoes are also a fantastic match for navy pants. Your watch can complement the outfit in shades of navy, grey, or silver. When it comes to your shirt, select from white, blue, or grey options for a cohesive ensemble.

Navy Suit With A Silver Tie

Navy Suit With A Silver Tie

If a grey necktie pairs well with a navy suit, a silver necktie holds a similar appeal. Against the deep hue of navy, the silver color stands out without being too overwhelming, creating a subtle yet refined contrast that adds to a polished and visually appealing look.

The shade of navy in your suit, whether dark navy or navy blue, doesn’t significantly affect the appeal of a silver necktie. To emphasize the necktie, opt for a dark grey or navy shirt. For a more subtle contrast, a white or light blue shirt is a good choice.

Pairing a silver necktie calls for dark grey shoes and a matching belt to create a cohesive ensemble. Completing the look with a silver watch adds a refined touch, demonstrating attention to detail in your outfit selection.

Navy Suit With A Navy Tie

Navy Suit With A Navy Tie

Dressing in a complete dark navy or navy blue ensemble might convey a sense of conservatism and minimalism, often associated with tradition and convention. This combination can exude trust and stability, making it an ideal choice for a business meeting, particularly when meeting new clients. A navy necktie is also an excellent option for a blue suit.

Combining a navy tie with a navy suit doesn’t automatically translate to a monochromatic appearance, especially if paired with a white or light grey shirt. However, I personally favor pairing a navy suit with a navy necktie and a light blue or light pink shirt. You could even opt for a navy shirt for an extremely subtle contrast and look.

Brown complements navy exceptionally well, so opt for brown shoes and a corresponding belt. A navy or brown watch would also be a fitting choice to complete the outfit.

Navy Suit With A Green Tie

Navy Suit With A Green Tie

Considering that blue and green are analogous colors, meaning they are next to each other on the color wheel and share similar undertones, matching a green necktie with a navy suit is a great idea, if you select the right shades of green.

I’d recommend steering clear of light or vivid greens when wearing your navy suit as they might give off a less refined appearance. For a more polished look, opt for shades like olive green, emerald green, khaki green, or forest green.

The ideal choice to complement a navy suit paired with a green tie is a light blue shirt, offering optimal contrast against the darker shades of green. Complete the ensemble with brown shoes and a matching belt, and consider a brown or navy watch for the finishing touch.

Navy Suit With A Pink Tie

Navy Suit With A Pink Tie

For some men, wearing a pink necktie might not be their first choice, but it pairs remarkably well with a navy suit, forming a striking contrast. The rich, dark navy background provides a strong foundation, making the pink necktie vividly stand out. This creates an eye-catching and visually appealing combination.

I’d avoid choosing a vivid or intense pink tie to pair with a navy suit, as it might not align with the professional or smart casual appearance you aim to achieve. Opt for lighter or darker hues of pink to achieve a more complementary and balanced look depending on the color of your shirt.

A light blue shirt complements a darker pink tie well, while a light pink tie pair excellently with a navy shirt or a dark grey one. Consider matching brown shoes with a corresponding belt, and complete the ensemble with a navy or brown watch.

How To Match A Tie With A Navy Suit?

When selecting a tie for your navy suit, essential factors to consider include your shirt color, contrast, patterns, and dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Focus On The Shirt Color

Ensure your necktie color complements not just your navy suit, but also coordinates harmoniously with your shirt. The tie’s color choice should align with your shirt, setting the tone for the overall look, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

When deciding on contrast and patterns, prioritize the color and patterns of your necktie and shirt rather than focusing on your navy suit.

For optimal visual impact, it’s recommended to seek contrast between your necktie and shirt, allowing the necktie to stand out. If your shirt is dark, opt for a lighter necktie, and vice versa if your shirt is light. Alternatively, for a cohesive, monochromatic style, choose a necktie and shirt in similar shades.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain shirt. If your shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. The key is to strike an equilibrium between these two elements of your attire to achieve a more cohesive overall look.

Focus On Occasion

It’s equally important to consider the occasion whether it’s formal or informal, whether you’ll be among friends or clients, the season (summer or winter), and the nature of the event (celebratory or more formal). All these aspects play a role in determining the appropriate color for your necktie.

Grey, navy, and silver neckties may be better suitable for formal events with clients and winter gatherings, but burgundy, pink, and green ties match a more casual event, with friends, celebrating a summer day.

Common Questions

Can You Wear A Black Tie With A Navy Suit?

Different opinions exist on pairing a navy suit with a black tie. Personally, I’m not inclined towards this combination due to the minimal contrast it offers. To achieve a more subtle and low-contrast appearance, consider choosing a navy or dark grey tie to complement your navy suit.

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Navy Suit?

The ideal shoe colors to pair with a navy suit include timeless choices like grey, brown, and navy dress shoes, as well as more contemporary options such as burgundy dress shoes and casual white smart shoes.

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