What Color Pants With A Blue Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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A light blue shirt is a staple in most men’s wardrobes, versatile enough to complement various outfits. Choosing the right color pants to pair with a light blue shirt can be effortless, allowing for a range of stylish combinations. The question you have is: what color pants with a blue shirt?

It’s common for guys to choose a shirt color first (well at least that’s what I do), then consider pants, tie, etc., potentially complicating the decision if unsure about the best pants color to match with a blue shirt. So let’s explore some of the best combinations.

What Color Pants With A Blue Shirt?

The pants colors that best complement a blue shirt are khaki, grey, white, burgundy, navy, and brown.

What Color Pants With A Blue Shirt

You can also pair your blue shirt with other color pants such as beige, green, maroon, or purple. Yet, I lean towards the six shades I mentioned above as they offer an even better aesthetic. Fashion choices are subjective, so feel free to experiment and discover what suits your personal style best.

Blue Shirt With Khaki Pants

Blue Shirt With Khaki Pants

Let me start with one of my favorite men’s fashion pairings: a light blue shirt with khaki pants. Ideal for a casual event, it effortlessly exudes style with a relaxed vibe, offering a chic look without appearing overly planned. I just love this combination.

The versatility of this combination allows you to mix various shades of blue with different hues of khaki, whether your pants are light or dark khaki or even khaki green. A dark blue shirt also looks great with light khaki pants, especially if you want to wear a lighter blazer or jacket.

For a stylish outfit, blend shades of brown with your blue shirt and khaki slacks. Choose brown shoes, a matching belt, and a brown watch to showcase your attention to every detail. While a navy necktie is an option, a burgundy one looks great with a blue shirt and a blue suit, adding a contemporary touch.

Blue Shirt With Grey Pants

Blue Shirt With Grey Pants

For a professional and versatile look suitable for business meetings, pair your blue shirt with grey pants. The combination of blue and grey is timeless and widely favored by most guys in both professional and smart casual settings.

Opting for a light blue shirt with light grey trousers creates a dapper look, perfect for smart casual events. In a professional setting, pair a light blue shirt with dark grey pants, especially if it’s part of a suit. Dark blue shirts also complement both light and dark grey pants, providing versatility based on your preference.

In the rest of the outfit, you have the choice between brown and grey. Consider grey dress shoes, a matching belt, and a grey watch, if you want a more professional look, or go for brown if you want more casual. Regarding your necktie, you can choose a navy or charcoal one.

Blue Shirt With White Pants

Blue Shirt With White Pants

An enduring favorite, especially for summer casual occasions, is pairing your blue shirt with white pants. While not everyone may feel confident in this combination, it often comes down to personal style and self-assurance when sporting white slacks.

While different shades of blue can enhance the look of white pants, I lean towards a light blue or royal blue shirt when paired with them, avoiding darker blue tones typically associated with winter. You can wear white pants with a dark blue shirt for a night out at a beach party during the summer.

To create a striking contrast with the blues and white, maintain a navy theme throughout the rest of your ensemble. Choose navy shoes, a navy belt, a navy leather watch, and a navy necktie. Alternatively, for a less monochromatic look, you can opt for brown shoes and a matching belt.

Blue Shirt With Burgundy Pants

Blue Shirt With Burgundy Pants

For some, white pants are a bold choice; combining a blue shirt with burgundy pants can be seen as an even bolder fashion statement. Blue and burgundy are complementary colors, so when paired together it creates a visually appealing contrast. The coolness of the blue shirt complements the warmth of the burgundy pants.

You can pair a light blue shirt with burgundy pants, especially if you also wear a darker blue blazer. Alternatively, go for a royal blue shirt for a well-balanced contrast, especially if the slacks are reddish. If opting for a darker blue shirt, pair it with dark burgundy trousers.

For a chic look, maintain a color scheme of burgundy and blue throughout your outfit. Choose navy loafers and a matching belt to contrast with the burgundy pants. To complement the blue shirt, opt for a burgundy necktie and a matching leather watch.

Blue Shirt With Navy Pants

Blue Shirt With Navy Pants

An excellent choice for pairing a blue shirt with navy pants is opting for a light blue shirt to achieve a more pronounced contrast. While a dark blue shirt can be worn with navy pants, it’s more effective when paired with a blazer or jacket in a lighter color, especially if you want to emphasize the outer layer of the outfit. Check out some other color shirt combinations with blue pants.

Given the blue tones in your shirt and pants, go for dark brown shoes, a corresponding belt, and a brown leather watch for a classic look. For a bolder statement, consider burgundy loafers, a matching belt, and a burgundy watch. When it comes to ties, you have options like navy, charcoal, or burgundy, depending on your personal style.

Blue Shirt With Brown Pants

Blue Shirt With Brown Pants

Pairing blue and brown is a timeless combination in men’s fashion. While brown pants may not be as popular as black, grey, or navy, they harmonize well with any shade of blue. Whether you choose a light blue or dark blue shirt, the combination is sure to look great.

You could opt for navy loafers with a matching belt and tie. If you want a more refined appearance, consider burgundy shoes, a matching belt, and a burgundy tie. When it comes to the watch, you can select either navy or burgundy, as both options contribute to a stylish ensemble.

How To Match Pants With A Blue Shirt?

When picking pants to pair with your blue shirt, it’s important to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Blue Color In Men's Fashion

When choosing the perfect pants color to harmonize with your blue shirt, consider the analogous colors of blue, which are the colors adjacent to blue on the color wheel and share similar undertones such as green and purple. While these shades may not be the most conventional choice for men’s pants, experimenting with them can yield a stylish result.

While not the most popular or conventional choice, orange serves as the complementary color to blue, offering a high-contrast combination by sitting opposite each other on the color wheel. While orange pants can pair well with blue shirts, there are better combinations to explore.

Contrast And Patterns

Blue Color Shirt Contrast and Patterns

To create an appealing visual balance, opt for a dark blue shirt with lighter-colored pants and a light blue shirt with darker pants. Achieving a contrast between light and dark hues is key for a harmonious look.

When choosing a patterned blue shirt with your pants, it’s best to pair it with plain pants for balance. Conversely, if you opt for patterned pants, consider pairing them with a solid-colored blue shirt. Additionally, if your blue patterned shirt includes shades like grey, complement the outfit by choosing plain grey slacks to emphasize color coordination.

Dress For The Occasion

While navy leans towards formality, blue is versatile for casual, smart casual, and business casual settings. The crucial aspect is selecting a pants color that complements blue shirts, considering the event’s formality, be it formal or casual.

Common Questions

Can You Wear Black Pants With A Blue Shirt?

You can pair a light blue shirt with black pants, although it’s not my preferred choice (at least not for formal occasions). I acknowledge that many guys love this combination, and it’s one of the most frequently worn, along with a white shirt. Fashion preferences vary, and some individuals may appreciate this combination. However, I would pair black jeans with a blue jumper or shirt when it comes to a casual look.

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