What Color Tie Goes With A White Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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A white shirt is iconic in men’s fashion and offers endless possibilities for necktie colors due to its neutrality. When deciding on a tie color, you need to consider the overall outfit to ensure harmony. So, what color ties complement a white shirt best?

What Color Tie Goes With A White Shirt?

The tie colors that best complement a white shirt are black, navy, burgundy, grey, pink, and green.

What Color Tie Goes With A White Shirt

As mentioned, a white shirt goes well with virtually any tie color, including red, orange, yellow, brown, purple, and more. The key is to ensure the tie complements the overall outfit and that the colors blend without clashing. 

White Shirt With A Black Tie

White Shirt With A Black Necktie

Wearing a white shirt with a black necktie for men is a classic and timeless choice that exudes sophistication and elegance. The combination of white and black creates a high-contrast and polished look that is suitable for a range of formal and semi-formal occasions. We’ve all donned this combination countless times in our lives.

For the rest of the outfit, stick to shades of black. Opt for black oxfords or derby-style shoes, a matching belt, a black watch, and black pants. Keep the look formal and elegant with the classic black-and-white combination. If you like, add a black blazer to complement the black pants.

White Shirt With A Navy Tie

White Shirt With A Navy Necktie

This combination is one of my favorites, and I think many guys would agree, given how well a white shirt pairs with a navy necktie. This color combination is particularly well-suited for professional settings, interviews, or any occasion where a polished and refined appearance is desired.

Any shade of navy complements a white shirt excellently, creating a striking contrast. Whether you choose a dark navy necktie or one in a lighter navy blue, the effect remains impressive. It’s all about how well you can coordinate other navy elements in your outfit to create a cohesive look.

Opt for navy pants and pair them with brown shoes, which are the ideal choice for navy dress pants or navy suits. Opt for a brown belt that matches the shade of your shoes. A navy watch will complement the ensemble, but if you prefer a more casual touch, consider a brown watch instead.

White Shirt With A Burgundy Tie

White Shirt With A Burgundy Necktie

Pairing a white shirt with a burgundy necktie creates a bold and confident look, which I absolutely love. After all, burgundy is a rich and deep color that adds depth and warmth to your outfit, making it a great choice for adding a touch of personality while maintaining a professional appearance.

I usually lean towards matching a white shirt with darker shades of burgundy, as it adds a sophisticated touch that’s perfect for professional environments. However, if you’re aiming for a more passionate look, vibrant burgundy ties can be great for a date night or any occasion where you want to dress to impress.

A white shirt complements burgundy pants beautifully, allowing you to maintain a cohesive burgundy theme throughout the outfit. If you choose to pair burgundy pants with burgundy shoes, ensure that the shoe color is a shade darker than the pants. Complete the ensemble with a burgundy belt and a coordinating burgundy watch. 

White Shirt With A Grey Tie

White Shirt With A Grey Necktie

Opting for a grey necktie with a white shirt is a reliable choice. It maintains a level of formality without being as stark as a black tie, provided you select the appropriate shade of grey.

Most of us typically lean towards matching a white shirt with dark grey or charcoal neckties. This combination offers a striking contrast that’s ideal for formal or professional environments. Alternatively, you could choose light grey or silver ties for a more subdued contrast, although personally, I prefer the bolder contrast in this scenario.

The most straightforward option would be to combine your white shirt with grey pants, grey dress shoes, a grey or silver watch, and a grey belt. Just make sure that the shade of grey in your shoes is darker than the grey in your pants.

White Shirt With A Pink Tie

White Shirt With A Pink Necktie

A white shirt paired with a pink necktie offers a modern and pleasant look, even for those who may not feel entirely at ease wearing pink. Pink is a versatile color that comes in various shades, from light pastels to deeper hues, allowing you to choose a tone that suits your style and the occasion.

Many guys, myself included, prefer a white shirt with a light pink necktie as it creates a subtle yet noticeable contrast in the outfit. However, you can also experiment with darker or vibrant pink ties with a white shirt, just be mindful not to clash with the other colors in your ensemble.

Opt for dark burgundy pants, matching them with dark burgundy shoes, a coordinated belt, and a matching watch if you’re skipping the blazer. If you’re going for a suit, consider a black suit paired elegantly with a pink necktie, black shoes, a black belt, and a black watch.

White Shirt With A Green Tie

White Shirt With A Green Necktie

There are numerous possibilities when pairing a green necktie with a white shirt, making it hard to go wrong. I particularly favor dark greens or olive greens with a white shirt. However, while a light green necktie isn’t my top choice, it can still work well with the right outfit.

Opt for navy slacks paired with brown shoes and a matching belt, and complete the look with a navy leather watch. Although a navy suit would be the ideal choice, you can also consider an olive green or grey suit if you prefer.

How To Match A Tie With A White Shirt?

When choosing a tie to match your white shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, the rest of the outfit, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.

Focus On Color

The critical aspect is to ensure that the color of your tie complements your white shirt well; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Choosing the perfect necktie to complement your white shirt offers a wide range of options since white is such a versatile color. Among my favorites are neckties in shades of black, navy, burgundy, grey, pink, and green.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

Ideally, aiming for contrast between your tie and white shirt is key to making your necktie stand out. Dark color neckties tend to provide the biggest contrast with a white shirt.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your white shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain white shirt. If your white shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. Moreover, if your patterned white shirt includes a shade of navy, pairing it with a plain navy necktie can emphasize color harmony within your overall ensemble.

Focus On The Outfit

Your outfit should not be dictated by your tie; instead, your tie should complement your ensemble. Ensure that the necktie either stands out or harmonizes with the overall monochromatic appearance of your outfit. This approach helps achieve balance and prevents clashes in colors or patterns.

Focus On Occasion

It’s crucial to consider various factors such as the formality of the occasion, the setting among friends or clients, the seasonal aspect (summer or winter), and the event’s nature (celebratory or formal). All these elements significantly influence the choice of color for your necktie.

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