What Color Pants With A White Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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The pairing of a shirt with white pants offers a clean and fresh aesthetic. It’s a classic and timeless choice that exudes simplicity and elegance. So what color pants with a white shirt?

Coordinating a white shirt with any color of pants is one of the simplest tasks in men’s fashion, given its compatibility with almost every conceivable color. This versatility makes them suitable for both casual and more formal settings. So let’s explore some of the best pants color combinations that beautifully complement white shirts.

What Color Pants With A White Shirt?

The pants colors that best complement a white shirt are black, navy, grey, burgundy, khaki, and white.

What Color Pants With A White Shirt

As I mentioned before, a white shirt complements not only the colors I mentioned above but also any other colors you can imagine. However, for practicality, I chose to delve deeper into the six shades typically found in a men’s wardrobe instead of discussing pairing a white shirt with orange or pink slacks.

Also, I acknowledge that within the realm of fashion, some people might perceive variations like beige, cream, or eggshell as different shades of white (though I personally don’t). However, these distinctions don’t markedly influence the color pants choice.

White Shirt With Black Pants

White Shirt With Black Pants

Is there anything more classic in men’s fashion than pairing a white shirt with black pants? When these two colors come together, they create a perfect, striking contrast, exuding confidence and sophistication.

This combination is suitable for a range of occasions, from formal events to professional settings, showcasing a refined and polished style. The neutrality of black and white allows for easy accessorizing, giving you the flexibility to adapt the outfit to various dress codes.

However, I would stick with an all-black ensemble, except for the white shirt, featuring black shoes, a black belt, a black tie, a black watch, and a black blazer. This way, you achieve one of the most classic looks for men with the confidence that your style is impeccable.

White Shirt With Navy Pants

White Shirt With Navy Pants

Another highly popular choice among men is pairing a white shirt with navy pants (one of my favorite ones for sure). It’s foolproof, as white complements any shade of navy, creating a sharp contrast that always looks good. I find it to be one of the most popular choices for a wedding, especially if you opt for a navy suit.

I love the concept of a monochromatic look in this case, and navy loafers with a matching belt will look great. However, many guys lean towards wearing brown loafers and a matching belt in this scenario, as brown contrasts quite nicely with navy. Don’t forget to add a navy or burgundy necktie and a matching watch to complete the ensemble.

White Shirt With Grey Pants

White Shirt With Grey Pants

If you want a less formal color than black but still desire a polished look, pair your white shirt with grey pants. This combination offers a clean and sophisticated appearance that complements various shades of grey.

The choice of grey shades for your pants depends on the occasion. For formal events or serious business meetings, pair a white shirt with dark grey or charcoal slacks. For a more casual and relaxed environment while maintaining professionalism, opt for a white shirt with grey trousers.

Regarding your shoes select them in a grey shade darker than your grey pants, ensuring a contrast. Choose a grey belt that matches your shoe shades. Add a cohesive touch with a charcoal necktie and a grey or silver watch.

White Shirt With Burgundy Pants

White Shirt With Burgundy Pants

Pairing a white shirt with burgundy dress pants can exude sophistication, especially with the right shades of burgundy. Avoid reddish burgundy for a more sophisticated look, but it still works well for a casual ensemble without a blazer.

On the other hand, pairing a white shirt with dark burgundy pants elevates your outfit, especially when complemented by a darker burgundy blazer or a complete burgundy suit. This is because the clean and neutral palette of the white shirt complements the rich and bold burgundy tone of the pants.

When it comes to burgundy pants, you can opt for brown, navy, or even burgundy shoes. I personally prefer brown shoes with a matching belt when pairing a white shirt with burgundy slacks. Complete the ensemble with a burgundy leather watch and a navy or burgundy necktie.

White Shirt With Khaki Pants

White Shirt With Khaki Pants

While a light blue shirt with khaki pants is my preferred choice for a relaxed and casual look, a white shirt is the second-best color match. It pairs well with light khaki pants, as well as khaki green slacks or dark khaki trousers. Among khaki shades, light khakis are undoubtedly my favorite when combined with a white shirt.

Opt for brown shoes as they effortlessly enhance the stylish vibe when paired with khaki pants. Match your khaki socks to the pant’s shades and complement the look with a brown belt to match the shoes. Consider accessorizing with a navy or brown necktie and a coordinating watch. Check what color shirts to wear with beige pants.

White Shirt With White Pants

White Shirt With White Pants

Opting for a full-white costume is a bold and contemporary choice that exudes a clean and refined aesthetic. Sporting an all-white ensemble isn’t every guy’s choice, yet a white shirt with white trousers exudes a sleek and modern appearance, ideal for casual gatherings in spring or summer.

Achieving a completely monochromatic look entails pairing white classic sneakers with white pants. Just please, avoid any running shoes and keep your sneakers smart. Enhance the look with a white belt and a white watch (wear a silver one if you don’t have a white watch). Don’t forget to wear aviator sunglasses for an extra touch of style.

How To Match Pants With A White Shirt?

When choosing pants to match your white shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, pattern usage, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.


Matching White Color In Men's Fashion

When selecting the perfect pants color to complement your white shirt, consider the analogous colors of white, which share similar undertones and create a harmonious effect. Grey and black pants work well in this context.

White, as a neutral hue, lacks traditional complementary colors, but you can achieve a monochromatic look by pairing different shades of white with your shirt and trousers.

Contrast And Patterns

White Color - Contrast and Patterns

Achieving contrast with a white shirt is straightforward; it pairs well with pants of any color, whether light or dark. Dark hues like black, navy, dark grey, or burgundy emphasize the contrast more than lighter tones such as light grey or khaki.

When choosing patterned pants with your white shirt, it’s crucial to balance the outfit by opting for a plain shirt, and vice versa. If you’re wearing a patterned white shirt, choose non-patterned slacks to maintain a well-balanced look. Additionally, if your white patterned shirt incorporates a shade of navy, pairing it with plain navy pants can accentuate the color connection within your ensemble.

Dress For The Occasion

White shirts are versatile and suitable for various occasions, ranging from formal and business settings to casual and smart-casual events. For a formal or professional look, choose navy, grey, or black pants. For a more relaxed and casual outfit, pair your white shirt with burgundy, khaki, or white slacks.

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