What Color Tie Goes With An Orange Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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Orange shirts for men are a vibrant and bold choice that can add a pop of color to any outfit. Whether you opt for a light pastel shade or a deeper, more saturated hue, an orange shirt can make a stylish statement. But what color tie goes with an orange shirt?

What Color Tie Goes With An Orange Shirt?

The tie colors that best complement an orange shirt are navy, blue, grey, brown, burgundy, and green.

What Color Tie Goes With An Orange Shirt

The specific shade of orange in your shirt may influence your choice of necktie color. Certain color ties will produce a significant contrast with particular shades of orange, while others will result in a more subtle contrast.

Orange Shirt With A Navy Tie

Orange Shirt With A Navy Necktie

If navy was your immediate choice when considering which color tie to pair with your orange shirt, you’ve made an excellent selection. A navy necktie complements an orange shirt exceptionally well, offering high levels of contrast regardless of the specific shades of navy or orange chosen.

Pairing a vibrant orange shirt with a dark navy necktie looks fantastic. However, my preferred combination of these colors is a sandstone orange shirt with a dark navy tie because it looks exceptionally good and professional. Although I might avoid wearing an orange shirt for casual business meetings, I wouldn’t object to it in this particular scenario.

Since you’re wearing a navy necktie, opt for a navy watch to match it, creating a contrasting effect with the oranges in your shirt. Navy pants are the ideal complement to an orange shirt and remember to complete the look with brown shoes and a coordinating belt.

Orange Shirt With A Blue Tie

Orange Shirt With A Blue Necktie

Blue and orange are complementary colors, which means when paired together they provide the highest level of contrast as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. It’s difficult to make a style mistake here.

I tend to prefer darker blue ties with orange shirts, regardless of the shade of orange due to the contrast. Royal blue neckties also work well with any orange shirt, especially vivid ones. However, I’m not a fan of light blue neckties with orange shirts, because dark blues just look so much better.

Navy pants complement orange shirts, along with brown loafers or any brown dress shoes. Complete the ensemble with a brown belt and a navy leather watch. You may also opt for navy loafers, ensuring they are a darker shade than the navy in your pants for a distinct look.

Orange Shirt With A Grey Tie

Orange Shirt With A Grey Necktie

A grey necktie complements various shirt colors such as red, green, and even orange. It offers a less formal look compared to a black tie but adds sophistication to the outfit, especially when paired with the right shade of orange in your shirt.

If you match a charcoal or dark grey necktie with a sandstone or rust orange shirt, the ensemble will appear more refined compared to pairing it with a vibrant orange shirt. However, that doesn’t mean a vibrant orange shirt doesn’t look good—it certainly does. Additionally, a light grey tie can also complement a darker orange shirt well due to the contrast it creates.

For a sophisticated appearance, opt for grey pants with grey dress shoes and a grey belt. For a casual look, opt for dark brown dress shoes and a corresponding belt. Complete the ensemble with a gray or silver watch for added style.

Orange Shirt With A Brown Tie

Orange Shirt With A Brown Necktie

While an orange shirt or a brown necktie may not be the most common choice in men’s fashion, consider this combination for a casual occasion like a date night as it can look quite stylish. This combination is highly recommended for men with a darker skin tone, as it will complement their appearance.

Although I personally avoid pairing vibrant shades of orange with a brown necktie (not a fan of the outcome), I would suggest pairing it with light orange shirts for the contrast it provides. Additionally, I find that a dark brown tie complements dark orange shirts well, maintaining a noticeable contrast and lending a more serious tone to the look.

For your pants choice, consider either brown or khaki depending on your preferences. If you go with khaki pants, pair them with brown shoes and a matching belt. On the other hand, if you choose brown trousers, opt for navy shoes and a coordinating belt. A brown watch will complete the ensemble perfectly.

Orange Shirt With A Burgundy Tie

Orange Shirt With A Burgundy Necktie

Matching an orange shirt with a burgundy necktie requires careful consideration of shades. Avoid pairing vibrant orange shirts with equally vibrant burgundy ties, as this can be overwhelming. Instead, opt for a light orange shirt paired with a dark burgundy necktie for a stylish look that shows your fashion know-how.

I find coordinating accessories and shoes in matching colors to be quite stylish. Consider pairing khaki pants with burgundy loafers and a matching belt for a fashionable look. Don’t overlook the importance of a burgundy watch to complement your burgundy necktie.

Orange Shirt With A Green Tie

Orange Shirt With A Green Necktie

While it may not be the most common choice, you can also opt to pair an orange shirt with a green necktie. A light orange shirt will create a nice contrast with a dark green necktie, and even with a lighter green tie (though not excessively light). Dark orange shirts will also complement a darker green tie quite effectively.

Opt for navy pants paired with brown shoes, a coordinating belt, and a navy watch. Alternatively, consider grey pants with matching dress shoes and either a grey or silver watch.

How To Match A Tie With An Orange Shirt?

When choosing a tie to match your orange shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, the rest of the outfit, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.

Focus On Color

The critical aspect is to ensure that the color of your tie complements your orange shirt well; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Selecting the ideal necktie for your orange shirt often involves opting for classic colors like grey, navy, or blue. Additionally, less conventional choices such as burgundy, brown, or green ties can also complement an orange shirt.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

Ideally, aiming for contrast between your tie and orange shirt is key to making your necktie stand out. Colors like blue, grey, and navy provide great contrast and enhance the overall look.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your orange shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain orange shirt. If your orange shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. Moreover, if your patterned orange shirt includes a shade of navy, pairing it with a plain navy necktie can emphasize color harmony within your overall ensemble.

Focus On The Outfit

Your outfit should not be dictated by your tie; instead, your tie should complement your ensemble. Ensure that the necktie either stands out or harmonizes with the overall monochromatic appearance of your outfit. This approach helps achieve balance and prevents clashes in colors or patterns.

Focus On Occasion

It’s crucial to consider various factors such as the formality of the occasion, the setting among friends or clients, the seasonal aspect (summer or winter), and the event’s nature (celebratory or formal). All these elements significantly influence the choice of color for your necktie.

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