What Color Pants With An Orange Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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In my opinion, orange shirts often don’t receive the appreciation they deserve. Many guys immediately think of vibrant oranges, overlooking shades like rust or sandstone, which are quite stylish in men’s fashion. But what color pants with an orange shirt?

What Color Pants With An Orange Shirt?

The pants colors that best complement an orange shirt are white, navy, blue, grey, khaki, and brown.

What Color Pants With Orange Shirt

The various tones of orange in your shirt can impact the choice of pants color, suggesting whether light or dark hues are preferable for specific colors, while certain colors harmonize well with various orange shades.

Orange Shirt With White Pants

Orange Shirt With White Pants

The shade of orange you choose for your shirt doesn’t really matter, as white pants complement any trousers color quite well. For a vibrant summer look, opt for a vivid orange shirt to accentuate the orange hue. Rust and sandstone orange shirts are also excellent choices, especially suited for spring or autumn seasons.

Skip the necktie for a relaxed summer vibe; instead, go for a navy watch to complement the orange shirt nicely. Opt for navy shoes and a matching belt to coordinate with your white pants. Navy loafers make for a stylish choice, especially for the summer.

Orange Shirt With Navy Pants

Orange Shirt With Navy Pants

Navy pants are the natural go-to when wearing an orange shirt, being the complementary color of orange, offering a seamless pairing that contrasts quite well. An orange shirt combined with navy slacks is perfect for daytime events, while subtler orange hues are equally suitable for summer evenings.

I usually lean towards a lighter orange shirt with navy slacks, but truth be told, any shade of orange pairs well with navy trousers. A darker orange could suit a more smart casual occasion, while a vivid orange shirt is perfect for a casual outing, like a date. From dark navy to royal navy blue trousers, any shade works with orange.

Pair your orange shirt with a navy necktie and a navy watch for optimal contrast, while brown shoes perfectly complement navy pants. Ensure to complete your ensemble with a brown belt that matches your shoes perfectly.

Orange Shirt With Blue Pants

Orange Shirt With Blue Pants

Blue pants are another natural option to pair with an orange shirt. While blue trousers may lean towards a more casual vibe compared to navy, the versatility of matching them with an orange shirt remains unchanged, as all shades of orange complement blue excellently.

You’re aware that a light orange shirt pairs nicely with dark blue slacks, but I also enjoy combining it with light blue trousers. The subtle contrast between the two hues remains regardless of the specific shades chosen, making it a versatile pairing. A vibrant orange shirt can effortlessly complement any shade of blue pants.

Given the excellent harmony between blue and orange, it’s wise to maintain the ensemble in navy hues. Choose a navy necktie, a navy watch, navy shoes, and a navy belt to complement the orange shirt. For dark blue pants, consider brown shoes and a matching belt instead.

Orange Shirt With Grey Pants

Orange Shirt With Grey Pants

Pairing an orange shirt with grey pants may not be the most conventional choice for men. Grey, often associated with formality, contrasts with the casual vibe of orange. However, this combination surprisingly works well together.

When men opt for this combination, they often lean towards pairing an orange shirt with light grey pants. This is also my preferred choice, regardless of the shade of orange on the shirt. If you opt for charcoal or dark grey trousers, it’s best to steer clear of vivid orange shirts and stick with darker or lighter oranges.

For a smarter look, go for dark grey shoes, a matching belt, a grey watch, and a charcoal necktie. If you prefer a more casual vibe, opt for dark brown shoes and a brown belt. Navy shoes and a navy belt are also great options.

Orange Shirt With Khaki Pants

Orange Shirt With Khaki Pants

Although an orange shirt isn’t my top choice for khaki pants, they surprisingly complement each other well regardless of the orange shade. Light and dark khaki pants both complement orange shirts nicely. However, I tend to avoid pairing orange shirts with khaki green slacks as it’s not my preferred shade of khaki for this combination.

Light orange shirts are likely the go-to choice, particularly if you prefer a subtle contrast between your shirt and pants. However, vivid or darker orange shirts also pair well with light khaki slacks if you want a bigger contrast.

Khaki pants pair excellently with brown shoes and a matching belt, offering a casual yet smart vibe to the ensemble. If you’re sporting a sandstone orange shirt, consider accessorizing with a brown necktie and a brown watch. For other shades of orange, a navy necktie and watch will complement the look just as well.

Orange Shirt With Brown Pants

Orange Shirt With Brown Pants

For a laid-back and summer-ready look, consider pairing an orange shirt with brown pants. The warmth of brown complements the vibrancy of orange, creating a relaxed yet stylish ensemble. The key is to choose shades that strike the right balance, ensuring the colors harmonize without overpowering each other.

I’ve noticed some guys rocking bold orange shirts with dark brown pants, and while I appreciate the daring style, I understand it’s not for everyone. In such cases, you can opt for a darker or lighter orange shirt paired with either dark or light brown slacks, depending on whether you prefer a more pronounced or subtle contrast.

While you could mix brown shoes with a different shade from your pants, I believe burgundy dress shoes and a matching belt would make a stylish statement. Forgo the necktie and opt for either a burgundy or navy watch, depending on your personal style.

How To Match Pants With An Orange Shirt?

When choosing pants to match your orange shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, pattern usage, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.


Matching Orange Color In Men's Fashion

When choosing the perfect pants color to harmonize with your orange shirt, consider the analogous colors of orange, which are the colors adjacent to orange on the color wheel and share similar undertones such as red and yellow

I haven’t discussed red or yellow pants earlier since they aren’t the most common choices for men’s pants. Blue is the complementary color of orange, providing the highest level of contrast as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. 

Contrast And Patterns

Orange Color - Contrast and Patterns

To create an appealing visual balance, opt for a dark orange shirt with lighter-colored pants and a light orange shirt with darker pants. Achieving a contrast between light and dark hues can sometimes be the key to a pleasant look. 

When choosing a patterned orange shirt with your pants, it’s best to pair it with plain slacks for balance. Conversely, if you opt for patterned trousers, consider pairing them with a solid-colored orange shirt. Additionally, if your orange patterned shirt includes shades like blue, complement the outfit by choosing plain navy slacks to emphasize color coordination.

Dress For The Occasion

Orange shirts are versatile and suitable for various casual occasions, like casual days out with friends or a weekend brunch. The darker the orange, the more polished the look, while vibrant oranges exude a more relaxed vibe. The choice of the color of your pants can also impact the overall smart or casual appearance.

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