What Color Shoes With Khaki Pants? (Outfit Ideas)

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Although khaki pants might not be as prevalent as black, navy, or grey in most men’s wardrobes, they remain a staple for many. The question at hand is what color shoes with khaki pants?

Choosing the right shoe color to complement the variety of shades available in khaki pants can be challenging, despite their versatility for casual and even some professional settings. So let’s explore the ideal shoe colors that complement khaki pants.

What Color Shoes With Khaki Pants?

The shoe colors that best complement khaki pants are brown, burgundy, green, navy, white, and beige shoes.

What Color Shoes Go With Khaki Pants

Not all shoe colors will match every khaki shade. While certain shoe colors may complement all khaki tones, others might suit one khaki shade well but not complement another. It’s essential to consider this variability when pairing khaki pants with different shoe colors.

Typically, the conventional choice is to match your belt color with your shoes, but when it comes to khaki pants, a brown belt consistently remains the best choice.

Khaki Pants With Brown Shoes

Khaki Pants With Brown Shoes

My preferred choice for shoe color to complement khaki chinos is brown, the same suggestion when matching shoe colors with navy pants. It exudes an effortless and stylish vibe, suitable for various casual occasions with family and friends or even for relaxed business meetings.

No matter the shade of khaki pants you have, brown shoes tend to pair well with all of them. Opt for a different tone from the pants; for instance, dark brown shoes often work as a safe choice. When wearing dark khaki pants, you might consider a lighter shade of brown, but in general, dark brown shoes complement khaki pants effectively.

You can wear brown loafers, boat shoes, chukka boots, or even sneakers, pairing them with a light blue shirt to elevate your overall look. To complement this style, consider accessorizing with a brown watch, adding a slightly monochromatic touch.

Khaki Pants With Burgundy Shoes

Khaki Pants With Burgundy Shoes

Pairing your khaki pants with burgundy shoes is my second favorite option (also great with brown pants). Burgundy, being a brown-reddish shoe color, complements all shades of khaki, making it a versatile and stylish choice.

Burgundy shoes pair exceptionally well with khaki pants as they strike a fine balance between neutral and vibrant colors. They add a touch of color to your ensemble without overshadowing the entire outfit. For khaki green pants, opt for dark burgundy shoes, while light khaki pants pair nicely with a more vivid shade of burgundy shoes.

Khaki Pants With Green Shoes

Khaki Pants With Green Shoes

Green shoes aren’t commonly chosen by many men, but they complement dark khaki or khaki green pants quite well. I’d recommend these two options over plain khaki pants, as they tend to create a more appealing look.

When pairing green shoes with khaki green pants, be cautious about matching the exact shades as it might create an effect where it appears as though your shoes blend into your pants or are significantly large. Dark khaki chinos generally pair well with khaki green shoes.

This outfit combination is quite relaxed, so I’d recommend it for everyday events. You can elevate the style by pairing it with a light green polo shirt and a brown watch and belt, achieving a stylish yet laid-back look.

Khaki Pants With Navy Shoes

Khaki Pants With Navy Shoes

Navy shoes can complement khaki pants, particularly when you opt for a darker navy shade. The combination of blue with brown and green has been a timeless color pairing, making it simpler to match these colors as khaki can encompass both brown and green tones.

I favor pairing navy loafers with light khaki or khaki green trousers because I’m not particularly keen on darker khaki shades (if you are, go ahead). This preference is due to the availability of better khaki color options. Darker shades of blue often complement light khaki pants well, presenting a reliable choice for a stylish but understated look for an evening outing.

I’ve selected a navy T-shirt to show how well T-shirts can pair with khaki pants. Additionally, I’ve included a brown watch with a hint of navy, which complements the navy shoes and brown belt. This ensemble is suitable for casual occasions. However, for smarter casual events, consider choosing a dark navy shirt or polo shirt.

Khaki Pants With White Shoes

Khaki Pants With White Shoes

White sneakers are versatile and complement various shades of khaki effortlessly. Regardless of the khaki pants’ tone, white sneakers offer a stylish pairing option due to their neutral nature.

Combining white shoes with khaki chinos creates a relaxed and casual ensemble, ideal for summer or daytime events. Pairing white shoes with a white polo shirt presents a polished appearance. Enhance the look by accessorizing with a silver metal watch and dark sunglasses.

Khaki Pants With Beige Shoes

Khaki Pants With Beige Shoes

Beige shoes may not be the primary choice for many men, as brown shoes are more favored. Nevertheless, beige shoes can complement dark khaki or khaki green slacks quite nicely.

It’s advisable to avoid pairing light khaki pants with beige shoes due to their similar tones, resulting in a lack of contrast that may make the combination appear dull. Contrasting colors are essential when matching beige shoes with khaki trousers.

A white T-shirt complements khaki green pants and white shoes impeccably. However, if you prefer a more vibrant ensemble, selecting a darker-colored t-shirt can add depth and contrast to your overall look.

How To Match Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Choosing the proper shoes to match your khaki pants requires consideration of color coordination, seasonal relevance, and the specific occasion.

Focus On Color

Ensuring a pleasant color match between your shoes and khaki pants is crucial; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly. You can also check the best color shirts to wear with khaki pants.

Understanding that brown, burgundy, green, navy, white, and beige shoes complement khaki pants provides a foundational selection. Additionally, considering the specific occasion and seasonal context can help refine and determine the ideal shoe color to match your khaki trousers.

Focus On Seasonability

Shoe color choices aren’t restricted by seasons, yet certain shades like dark brown, burgundy, and navy often complement winter styles, while white tends to resonate more with summer looks.

The style of the shoe you choose can influence your overall look. For instance, loafers and boat shoes often suit summery vibes, nudging towards lighter color choices with your khaki pants. Conversely, navy or brown boots are commonly associated with winter wear.

Focus On Occasion

Khaki pants are excellent for casual and semi-casual settings. For more formal events or business meetings, opting for black or grey trousers would be more suitable and aligned with the occasion’s formality.

Common Questions

Can I Wear Black Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Matching black shoes with khaki pants creates a striking contrast. While black shoes lean towards formality, khaki pants embody a casual style. Consequently, opting for navy shoes instead of black maintains a better balance between shoe formality and the relaxed nature of khaki pants. So matching black shoes with khaki slacks is a no for me.

Can I Wear Grey Shoes With Khaki Pants?

Once more, opinions vary on pairing grey shoes with khaki pants. While light grey shoes with dark khaki slacks can work well, other shoe colors such as brown, burgundy, or navy may offer better complementary options.

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