What Color Shirt With Brown Pants? (Outfit Ideas)

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Brown pants are more commonly found in men’s wardrobes compared to brown shirts, but still not as popular as navy or black slacks. But what color shirt with brown pants?

Whether opting for classic khakis, deep chocolate hues, or lighter tan shades, brown pants are suitable for various casual occasions. To make your life easier, I’ve picked six shades that, in my view, harmonize best with brown pants.

What Color Shirt With Brown Pants?

The shirt colors that best complement brown pants are beige, blue, navy, white, pink, and burgundy.

What Color Shirt With Brown Pants

The choice of your shirt color can be influenced by the specific tones of brown in your pants. Light and dark shades of brown may pair differently with various shirt colors, although certain colors tend to harmonize well with all brown shades.

Brown Pants With Beige Shirt

Brown Pants With Beige Shirt

Brown and beige, being earthy tones, complement each other quite well. The warm undertones of brown blend seamlessly with the subdued hue of beige, creating an ideal ensemble, particularly suitable for a fall or winter day. Contrary to some opinions, I find an outfit composed entirely of earthy tones to be far from boring.

Creating contrast is essential when combining similar shades like brown and beige. If your beige shirt is dark, pair it with light brown pants, and if your beige shirt is light, opt for darker brown trousers to achieve a balanced and visually appealing costume. Check what color pants you should wear with beige shirts.

Burgundy complements brown and beige perfectly, so consider choosing burgundy shoes and a matching belt. While a navy tie and watch are viable options, I prefer to maintain a cohesive warm-toned ensemble by selecting a burgundy necktie and a matching watch.

Brown Pants With Blue Shirt

Brown Pants With Blue Shirt

If you’ve come across some of my style suggestions, you’re aware of my fondness for pairing blue and brown. These two colors harmonize exceptionally well, and a blue shirt with brown pants remains a timeless and classic combination in men’s fashion.

You have many options here, as all shades of blue complement various hues of brown. Some guys opt for a dark blue shirt with dark brown pants, while others prefer more contrast and pair it with light brown slacks. A light blue shirt also complements both darker and lighter brown trousers. Ultimately, it depends on your style preferences and the occasion.

For a bold style, choose burgundy shoes and a burgundy belt since they match quite nicely with brown pants. For a cohesive look, opt for navy loafers and a matching belt. If it’s a light blue shirt, pair it with a navy necktie and watch; for a dark blue shirt, go with a burgundy tie and watch.

Brown Pants With Navy Shirt

Brown Pants With Navy Shirt

All shades of brown complement the navy well, making brown slacks an excellent choice to pair with a navy shirt. This combination offers a refined look, particularly compared to light blue shirts’ more casual feel. A navy shirt also looks good with all skin tones.

For a significant contrast, choose light brown trousers with a dark navy shirt, one of my favorite combinations in men’s fashion. Alternatively, opt for tan or darker brown pants paired with a navy blue shirt. It’s common for men to lean towards lighter brown shades in their pants when pairing them with a navy dress shirt.

For the rest of the outfit, opt for a dark pair of navy loafers and a brown belt with a shade distinct from the pants. This ensures the belt stands out with a different tone from the pants and shirt. Complete the ensemble with a burgundy necktie and a brown watch to complement the look.

Brown Pants With White Shirt

Brown Pants With White Shirt

A white shirt stands out as the most versatile choice in a men’s wardrobe, effortlessly complementing any color, irrespective of the shades involved. This makes it a suitable match for various brown hues in your pants, offering flexibility in your wardrobe choices.

Many men favor a bold contrast and choose a white shirt with darker brown pants for a striking look. Light brown trousers also pair well with a white shirt, exemplified by the appealing combination of a white shirt with khaki pants.

Maintain a cohesive color palette with shades of brown and burgundy. Select darker brown shoes and a belt, ensuring a contrast with the brown pants (don’t forget the shoes should be darker than the pants). Enhance the ensemble with a dark burgundy necktie and watch for a striking complement to the white shirt.

Brown Pants With Pink Shirt

Brown Pants With Pink Shirt

While brown pants may not be my top pick for a pink shirt, the combination can work well with the right shades. Opt for a light pink shirt paired with dark brown, tan, or light browns such as khaki or beige. However, I advise against pairing dark or vivid pink with brown, as it doesn’t create an appealing look.

Two ideal colors to pair with pink and brown are burgundy and navy. For a warmer color ensemble, choose burgundy shoes, a matching belt, a burgundy necktie, and a burgundy watch. Opting for navy adds a bolder contrast compared to burgundy in this combination.

Brown Pants With Burgundy Shirt

Brown Pants With Burgundy Shirt

While bold, a burgundy shirt with brown pants has a distinct appeal. It pairs well with both dark brown and tan pants, yet it stands out remarkably with light brown slacks, creating a significant contrast. A burgundy shirt is a great choice if you have fair, olive, or brown skin tones.

Choose dark brown shoes and a matching belt, ensuring they have a distinct shade from your pants. A navy necktie and watch complement a burgundy shirt, but for a warmer-toned ensemble, consider a brown necktie and watch.

How To Match A Shirt With Brown Pants?

When selecting a shirt to pair with your brown pants, it’s essential to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, how the shirt complements your skin tone, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Brown Color In Men's Fashion

Typically, when choosing the perfect shirt color to complement your brown pants, you should consider analogous colors to brown, even though brown itself is not on the color wheel. 

Brown is often associated with dark orange, which has red and yellow as analogous colors. Yellow may not be the most traditional option for a men’s shirt, but red shirts are, although I personally favor burgundy shirts over red ones

Being neutral, brown doesn’t have a conventional complementary color. However, if you again consider orange, its complementary color is blue. This explains the pleasant pairing of brown and blue. Additionally, you can achieve a monochromatic look by combining different shades of brown between your shirt and trousers.

Contrast And Patterns

Brown Color - Contrast and Patterns

Most men, myself included, often seek contrast by pairing brown pants with a shirt of either light or dark color, choosing a dark color shirt for light brown slacks and a light color shirt for dark brown trousers, creating a visually striking and balanced ensemble.

When opting for a patterned shirt with your brown pants, it’s essential to pair it with plain slacks, and vice versa, if you’re wearing patterned brown trousers, opt for a non-patterned shirt to maintain a balanced ensemble. Also, if your brown patterned pants include a shade like blue, a plain blue dress shirt would emphasize the color connection within your outfit.

Skin Tone

what colors should i wear

When selecting a shirt to pair with your brown pants, it’s necessary to consider not only the best color combinations for your overall look but also how the chosen colors harmonize with your skin tone, as the right colors can accentuate your natural features and complement your undertone, ultimately enhancing your appearance.

No need to worry if your skin tone doesn’t precisely match the ones in the image. You can simply choose the skin tone that you feel is most compatible with yours and select the colors that you believe look best (ensure that those colors look good with your brown pants).

Dress For The Occasion

Brown pants are versatile and suitable for various casual occasions, like casual days out with friends or a casual business meeting with a client. The darker the brown, the more polished the look, while lighter browns exude a more relaxed vibe. The choice of a dress shirt color can also impact the overall smart or casual appearance.

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