What Color Pants Go With A Navy Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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Despite being a staple in men’s wardrobes, matching other apparel with navy shirts can pose a challenge for some individuals. When considering what color pants go with a navy shirt, the decision might not be straightforward.

The navy color complements various shades, but some pants may look more appealing than others. I’ve selected six shades that, in my opinion, beautifully complement navy shirts.

What Color Pants Go With A Navy Shirt?

The pants colors that easily complement a navy shirt are khaki, brown, blue, green, white, and grey.

What Color Pants With A Navy Shirt

You can pair your navy shirt with various other pants colors such as beige, mustard, maroon, burgundy, or purple. Yet, I lean towards the six shades I mentioned earlier as they offer an even better aesthetic. Fashion choices are subjective, so feel free to experiment and discover what suits your personal style best.

Whether your navy shirt is darker or lighter, it complements a wide range of pants colors. Let’s review each pants color separately to determine what color pants go with a navy shirt.

Navy Shirt With Khaki Pants

Navy Shirt With Khaki Pants

Pairing a navy shirt with khaki pants creates a perfect blend of a casual but polished style. This combination works well for various occasions, from a casual business meeting with a new client to a daytime date, offering a versatile and stylish appearance.

The neutral tones of khaki truly offer an ideal contrast with a navy shirt, whether you choose neutral khaki, khaki green, or a darker shade. Personally, I prefer the light khaki option showcased in the picture as it provides the perfect balanced contrast.

Enhancing your outfit with brown accessories is a great choice when pairing navy and khaki. Consider incorporating dark brown shoes, a corresponding belt, and a leather watch featuring brown and navy tones to elevate your overall look. To complement the ensemble, a grey necktie can be an optional addition, or skip it based on your preference.

Navy Shirt With Brown Pants

Navy Shirt With Brown Pants

There’s a wide spectrum of brown shades available, and the great news is that all of them complement a navy shirt splendidly. You’ve likely heard about the classic advice advocating for brown shoes with navy pants or a brown belt paired with a navy suit; this is because the combination of brown and blue tends to be a visually appealing and harmonious match.

Incorporating brown or navy accessories will complement the overall look impeccably. During summer, consider adding navy loafers, and for the winter months, navy dress shoes can be an excellent choice. While it’s often advised to match the color of your shoes with the belt, I like the idea of brown pants with navy loafers and a light brown belt.

Navy Shirt With Blue Pants

Navy Shirt With Blue Pants

Combining a navy shirt with blue pants is both rugged and stylish, creating a timeless and effortlessly fashionable look. This ensemble is notably straightforward to pull off due to the reliability of a monochromatic blue outfit. Check what color shirt with navy pants.

The shade of blue for your pants doesn’t have to be specific when pairing with a navy shirt. Whether you prefer a complete dark navy ensemble with both shirt and pants or a more casual appearance by combining a navy shirt with light denim jeans, it primarily relies on your desired level of formality or casualness.

In a monochromatic blue outfit, a brown belt is an essential accessory. For footwear, white shoes complement denim jeans for a casual or smart casual occasion, while brown dress shoes pair well with blue dress pants for a business casual meeting or a cocktail party.

Navy Shirt With Green Pants

Navy Shirt With Green Pants

Combining green pants with a navy shirt is an excellent choice due to the analogous relationship between green and blue. While technically any shade of green could work, avoiding light green pants is preferable as it can create too much contrast, and there are better options available.

Choose shades such as forest green, army green, or olive green when selecting your pants. These tones offer sophistication while maintaining a casual style. This combination with a navy shirt works well for any season and can be worn at any time of the day.

Adding dark brown shoes and a matching belt can indeed enhance the outfit, especially since brown complements both navy and green. This addition adds depth and detail to your overall look. You can also pair your navy shirt with a green necktie for a more smart casual look.

Navy Shirt With White Pants

Navy Shirt With White Pants

Pairing a navy shirt with white pants is a classic and versatile combination. White, being a neutral color, creates a striking contrast with navy, allowing for a sharp and stylish ensemble.

You can also be creative when pairing a navy shirt with white pants. Brown shoes and a matching belt create a classic combination, yet navy shoes and a belt or even a green belt can add a touch of uniqueness and boldness to the ensemble.

This ensemble is ideal for casual daytime gatherings in summer or even for a laid-back cocktail party. However, it might not be the best choice for formal events or business meetings, where black attire is generally preferred.

Navy Shirt With Grey Pants

Navy Shirt With Grey Pants

Grey pants complement a navy shirt splendidly. The shade of grey isn’t overly crucial. Whether it’s light grey, charcoal, or dark grey, they all work well. For a casual daytime summer event, consider light grey pants, as they offer a more relaxed vibe and create a noticeable contrast.

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For a more refined appearance suited for formal events or evening gatherings in winter, charcoal or dark grey pants complement a navy shirt beautifully. Opting for a less dark navy blue shirt in this scenario would be the ideal shade of blue.

How To Match Pants With A Navy Shirt?

When selecting pants to pair with your navy shirt, it’s important to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Navy Color In Men's Fashion

When deciding on the ideal pants color to complement your navy shirt, it’s helpful to consider the analogous colors of navy, which are the colors adjacent to blue on the color wheel and share similar undertones, creating a harmonious effect, making green or purple pants great options in this context.

Orange is the complementary color of blue, providing the highest level of contrast as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. You can also create a monochromatic look with different shades of navy in your shirt and pants. While orange pants can pair well with blue shirts, there are better combinations to explore.

Contrast And Patterns

Navy Color Shirt - Contrast and Patterns

Creating contrast with a navy shirt can be tricky considering that navy shades are dark, yet pairing it with different color pants is quite versatile. Don’t stress about achieving a perfect contrast; darker hues work well when paired with navy.

When choosing a patterned navy shirt with your pants, it’s best to pair it with plain pants for balance. Conversely, if you opt for patterned pants, consider pairing them with a solid-colored navy shirt. Additionally, if your navy patterned shirt includes shades like grey, complement the outfit by choosing plain grey slacks to emphasize color coordination.

Dress For The Occasion

Navy shirts are adaptable for any occasion, depending on the rest of your outfit. When choosing a pants color to match, consider the event’s formality, whether formal or casual. To make your life easier I’ve included recommendations for each pants color in the previous pictures.

Common Questions

Can You Wear Black Pants With A Navy Shirt?

Your approach to pairing a navy shirt with black pants may vary, as opinions differ. Personally, I’m not fond of this combination due to the minimal contrast it offers. For a low-contrast appearance, consider matching your navy shirt with either navy or dark grey pants.

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