What Color Shirt With Red Shorts? (Outfit Ideas)

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Men often prefer burgundy garments over red ones, but red shorts have the advantage, especially for their vibrant appeal, making them ideal for summer. But what color shirt with red shorts?

What Color Shirt With Red Shorts?

The shirt colors that best complement red shorts are blue, pink, navy, white, grey, and green.

What Color Shirt With Red Shorts

I’d like to clarify that this article primarily focuses on chino and cargo shorts, excluding other styles. However, the recommended colors should complement any short style. Additionally, regarding shirt styles, I’ll suggest various options such as casual shirts, polo shirts, and t-shirts to offer a diverse range of choices.

Red Shorts With A Blue Shirt

Red Shorts With Blue Shirt

Pairing red shorts with a blue shirt is a classic and obvious choice for most guys. Whether you opt for a short-sleeved shirt, a polo, or a casual t-shirt, blue and red work well together. As analogous colors, they complement each other beautifully, regardless of the specific shades you select. A blue shirt also pairs wonderfully with purple shorts.

It’s hard to go wrong with this pairing. A light blue shirt with bright red shorts or a dark blue shirt with salmon shorts are both excellent choices. Any shade of blue paired with any shade of red will look fantastic. Personally, I find that lighter blue shirts work well with light red shorts.

For a cohesive look, stick to shades of navy for the rest of your outfit. Choose navy loafers, a matching belt, and a navy leather watch. While brown shoes and a matching belt can also work well, I would definitely opt for the navy shoes.

Red Shorts With A Pink Shirt

Red Shorts With Pink Shirt

I believe this is the boldest choice on the list, as not many guys feel confident wearing a pink shirt, and even fewer would match it with a pair of red shorts. However, while it’s not the most common choice, I think it can actually work quite well.

You just need to choose the right shades of both colors. I recommend avoiding dark or vibrant pink shirts and sticking with light pink hues. Pair them with either dark or light red shorts, but avoid any vibrant reds. I have a friend who likes to match a light pink shirt with vivid red shorts, so give it a try even if it’s not my personal preference.

The best shoe color choice is a pair of brown loafers with a matching belt. The brown will contrast nicely with both colors and keep a cohesive tone throughout the outfit. While a brown watch is essential, you could also opt for a navy or burgundy one. Don’t forget your sunglasses, as this outfit is definitely for a daytime gathering.

Red Shorts With A Navy Polo Shirt

Red Shorts With Navy Polo Shirt

If a blue shirt complements red shorts well, the same holds true for a navy polo shirt. I typically reserve navy shades to pair with burgundy hues, while other shades of blue are suited for matching with red. Nevertheless, I like to pair a navy polo shirt with red shorts. Navy shirts are great for pale, fair, olive, and brown skin tones.

I lean towards pairing a navy shirt with darker red shorts, as it resembles the classic appeal of burgundy shorts, which I find appealing. A navy polo shirt also complements vibrant reds well. Lately, I’ve even enjoyed wearing a navy polo with lighter red shorts and have found the combination quite pleasing. It’s a versatile choice regardless of the shades you opt for.

I’ve opted for grey loafers to showcase a variety of colors here, although navy or brown loafers would typically be the ideal choice, paired with a matching belt. A grey, silver, or burgundy watch would all be excellent choices to complete the ensemble.

Red Shorts With A White Polo Shirt

Red Shorts With White Polo Shirt

Just as a white shirt pairs well with red pants, a white polo shirt or T-shirt also complements red shorts perfectly. I would avoid a white shirt with this combination since red is a casual playful color, except perhaps with dark red shorts. A white polo shirt looks great with any shade of red, but it especially shines with vibrant or darker reds.

While brown or navy shoes could work, take advantage of the white in your polo by pairing it with classic white sneakers (avoid running shoes). Complete the outfit with a navy belt and a navy watch.

Red Shorts With A Grey Polo Shirt

Red Shorts With Grey Polo Shirt

A light grey polo shirt tends to complement red shorts well, regardless of the shade, though I particularly favor it with darker or more vibrant red shorts. For evening occasions, I prefer charcoal or dark grey polo shirts paired with darker red shorts for a more sophisticated look, though lighter red shades can also be appealing.

I prefer classic grey sneakers with polo shirts or T-Shirts instead of opting for grey loafers. Make sure to match the shade of grey in your shoes with your belt. Complete the look with a silver or grey watch. A grey polo shirt also looks great with khaki shorts.

Red Shorts With A Green T-Shirt

Red Shorts With Green T-Shirt

During the summer, one of my favorite combinations is pairing a red polo shirt with green shorts, despite discussing six different shades in that article. There’s something about the contrast of a green shirt with red shorts that I find particularly appealing.

I typically lean towards shades like olive green or army green when pairing them with dark red shorts, as the contrast between these colors is striking and they complement each other beautifully. If your shorts are vibrant red, opt for olive green or darker shades of green. For lighter red shorts, I’d recommend sticking with darker green T-shirts.

Consider opting for brown sneakers or loafers with a matching belt, rather than green or navy sneakers. When choosing a watch, go for brown, navy, or burgundy to complement your outfit. And don’t forget to bring along your sunglasses for a complete look.

How To Match A Shirt With Red Shorts?

When choosing a shirt to match your red shorts, factors such as color coordination, contrast, pattern usage, skin tone compatibility, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.


Matching Red Color In Men's Fashion

To find the perfect shirt color that complements your red shorts, consider analogous colors that share similar undertones with red. Orange or pink shirts can be great choices as they create a harmonious effect due to their proximity to red on the color wheel. I didn’t choose an orange shirt because I feel it might be a bit overwhelming with red shorts, but if you like it, go ahead and wear it.

Green is the complementary color to red, offering a striking contrast as they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Alternatively, you can achieve a monochromatic appearance by incorporating varying shades of red in both your shirt and shorts.

Contrast And Patterns

Red Color Shorts Contrast and Patterns

Typically, men aim for contrast by combining light-red shorts with dark-colored shirts or dark-red shorts with light-colored shirts. However, I enjoy wearing pastel shades for both shorts and shirts simultaneously, especially during the summer season as it creates a fantastic look.

When choosing a patterned shirt with your red shorts, ensure the shorts are plain to maintain balance. Conversely, if your red shorts are patterned, opt for a plain shirt. Also, if your patterned red shorts feature a shade like blue, a plain blue shirt will highlight the color connection in your outfit.

Skin Tone

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When selecting a shirt to pair with your red shorts, it’s crucial to consider not only the best color combinations for your overall look but also how the chosen colors harmonize with your skin tone, as the right colors can accentuate your natural features and complement your undertone, ultimately enhancing your appearance.

No need to worry if your skin tone doesn’t precisely match the ones in the image. You can simply choose the skin tone that you feel is most compatible with yours and select the colors that you believe look best (ensure that those colors look good with your red shorts).

Dress For The Occasion

Shorts are typically worn for smart casual or casual occasions. Tailored shorts and chinos suit smart casual gatherings, while linen shorts are ideal for relaxed events. Most materials work well for these settings, but avoid denim or linen at smart casual gatherings.

Similarly, short-sleeve shirts are often associated with smart casual attire, while T-shirts are the most casual option. Polo shirts fall between shirts and T-shirts, making them suitable for smart casual or casual occasions.

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