What Color Tie Goes With A Brown Suit? (Outfit Ideas)

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Brown suits for men have gained popularity in recent years as fashion trends have evolved. While traditionally not as common as navy blue, charcoal, or black suits, brown suits offer a unique and stylish alternative. But what color tie goes with a brown suit?

What Color Tie Goes With A Brown Suit?

The tie colors that best complement a brown suit are navy, blue, brown, burgundy, and green.

What Color Tie Goes With A Brown Suit

The shades of brown in your suit may not significantly affect the choice of necktie color. Instead, it’s the color of your shirt that predominantly guides the selection of the tie. However, this doesn’t imply that any color tie goes well with a brown suit. It’s essential to exercise proper judgment to guarantee the overall ensemble looks good.

Brown Suit With A Navy Tie

Brown Suit With A Navy Tie

Whenever someone asks about the perfect tie for a brown shirt, my mind instantly goes to navy, and the same holds true for a brown suit. After all, brown and navy harmonize so seamlessly that the specific shades you choose become irrelevant.

I’d say that when you pair a brown suit with a navy necktie, the shade of brown in your suit doesn’t matter much. They all contrast perfectly with a dark navy or navy blue tie. However, the darker the brown in your suit, the more professional the overall look will appear with the navy necktie.

Make sure your shirt contrasts nicely with both your navy necktie and brown suit; therefore, white or light blue shirts are ideal choices. For a cohesive appearance, stick to navy shades for the rest of your outfit, including navy loafers, a matching belt, and a navy leather watch.

Brown Suit With A Blue Tie

Brown Suit With A Blue Suit

Blue is often seen as a more casual option than navy, yet still appropriate for a casual business meeting with a new client. Personally, I wouldn’t match a light blue tie with a dark brown suit; instead, I’d opt for a royal blue or dark blue necktie. When in doubt, always go for a dark blue tie, and you’ll be good to go.

While it’s common to pair a brown suit with darker brown shoes, if you’re sporting a light brown suit, consider opting for beige dress shoes to maintain a smart yet relaxed appearance. As for the belt, stick to brown but go for a shade slightly darker than the brown in your suit. Complete the ensemble with a white shirt and a navy or brown watch.

Brown Suit With A Brown Tie

Brown Suit With A Brown Tie

I love a monochromatic style, and while I realize that matching a brown suit with a brown necktie might not appeal to everyone, let me explain why it can work. You can play with various shades of brown or even opt for a patterned necktie featuring 2 or 3 different brown hues to ensure the tie stands out. The key is to choose the right color for your shirt.

You may choose to match the shade of brown in your necktie with your brown suit, although I tend to prefer the necktie to be slightly darker. If you have a darker brown suit, consider wearing a necktie with both darker and lighter brown tones to create a standout look. With light brown suits, simply opt for a darker shade of brown in your necktie.

As I mentioned before, the shirt plays a crucial role in this outfit. A white shirt allows the brown in your necktie to stand out, while a light pink shirt offers a more daring appearance. Keep the rest of the outfit in brown tones with brown shoes, a brown belt, and a brown watch. Navy or burgundy would also be excellent choices for these accessories.

Brown Suit With A Burgundy Tie

Brown Suit With A Burgundy Tie

I’ve heard some guys say that burgundy neckties can almost pass for brown, but I disagree. Burgundy neckties offer a more sophisticated, bold, and professional vibe compared to brown ones, especially dark burgundy shades. After all, burgundy’s richness really complements the earthy tones of brown.

For a stylish look, select a medium to dark brown suit as a solid foundation for the burgundy necktie to shine. Aim for a rich, deep shade of burgundy in the necktie to create a striking contrast against the brown suit. Alternatively, a light brown suit can also complement vibrant or dark burgundy neckties.

When it comes to shirts, you have the option of choosing white, light pink, or light blue. I personally prefer the light blue shirt because it acts as a middle ground between brown and burgundy, and all three colors complement each other beautifully. To finish off the look, pair it with burgundy loafers, a matching belt, and a burgundy leather watch.

Brown Suit With A Green Tie

Brown Suit With A Green Tie

The blend of brown and green is frequently linked to nature, lending this combination an earthy and pleasant appeal. It can evoke feelings of freshness and energy, particularly when matched with appropriate shades. It’s a lovely ensemble choice for a spring business event.

I find that pairing a dark brown suit with khaki green or olive green neckties offers a subtle yet noticeable contrast. If you’re aiming for a more laid-back vibe, lighter brown hues like tan or khaki work well with mint or sage green ties, but also any dark green shade. As for dark green ties, they complement all brown shades.

For a unified appearance, I’d suggest sticking with brown for the remainder of your outfit. Brown slacks and brown loafers paired with a coordinating belt. Complete the look with a brown or olive green watch for added cohesion. Alternatively, olive green shoes, a matching belt, and a green watch could also work if you have them available.

How To Match A Tie With A Brown Suit?

When selecting a tie for your brown suit, essential factors to consider include your shirt color, contrast, patterns, and dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Focus On The Shirt Color

Ensure your necktie color complements not just your brown suit, but also coordinates harmoniously with your shirt. The tie’s color choice should align with your shirt, setting the tone for the overall look, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

When deciding on contrast and patterns, prioritize the color and patterns of your necktie and shirt rather than focusing on your brown suit.

For optimal visual impact, it’s recommended to seek contrast between your necktie and shirt, allowing the necktie to stand out. If your shirt is dark, opt for a lighter necktie, and vice versa if your shirt is light. Alternatively, for a cohesive, monochromatic style, choose a necktie and shirt in similar shades.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain shirt. If your shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. The key is to strike an equilibrium between these two elements of your attire to achieve a more cohesive overall look.

Focus On Occasion

It’s equally important to consider the occasion whether it’s formal or informal, whether you’ll be among friends or clients, the season (summer or winter), and the nature of the event (celebratory or more formal). All these aspects play a role in determining the appropriate color for your necktie.

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