What Color Shirt With Purple Pants? (Outfit Ideas)

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Wearing purple pants might not be a common choice for many men, but if you’re considering it, I would say it can become a great choice. Purple pants for men can be a bold and distinctive choice, adding a vibrant and stylish touch to your wardrobe. But what color shirt with purple pants?

Purple comes in various shades, from deep eggplant to lighter lavender, allowing for versatility in styling. So let’s explore the six shades that coordinate the best with your purple pants.

What Color Shirt With Purple Pants?

The shirt colors that best complement purple pants are blue, navy, white, burgundy, pink, and grey.

What Color Shirt With Purple Pants

The various tones of purple in your pants can impact the choice of your shirt color, suggesting whether light or dark hues are preferable for specific colors, while certain colors harmonize well with various purple shades.

Purple Pants With Blue Shirt

Purple Pants With Blue Shirt

Opting for a blue shirt is often considered an excellent choice to pair with purple pants. The analogous nature of blue and purple, with similar undertones, creates a harmonious and well-matched ensemble. Blue is a great choice if you have a pale, fair, or black skin tone.

Darker shades of blue in your shirt can complement well with both dark and vivid purple pants. For vivid purple pants, you can also consider a royal blue shirt, while for light purple pants, a lighter blue shirt may provide a subtle but balanced contrast. It all depends on the time of the year.

Finish off the ensemble with brown dress shoes and a matching belt. Given the harmonious blend of blue and purple, consider a purple or navy necktie. A navy, silver, or grey watch would also complement the look.

Purple Pants With Navy Shirt

Purple Pants With Navy Shirt

You know that dark blue pairs well with purple pants, and the same applies to different shades of navy. This combination suits various occasions, from a cocktail party to a night out with friends. A navy shirt is suitable for pale, fair, olive, and brown skin tones.

Typically, a navy shirt complements lighter shades of pants, such as khaki, blue, or grey. However, when considering purple, I lean towards pairing it with dark or vibrant purples. A light purple shirt with navy pants creates an impressive look, but a navy shirt may overpower lighter purples in your trousers, resulting in a less appealing appearance.

For the lower part of your ensemble, opt for dark brown shoes and a matching belt to create a distinct contrast with the purple trousers. For the upper part, go for a burgundy necktie and a burgundy leather watch, providing an excellent choice to complement the dark tones of your navy shirt.

Purple Pants With White Shirt

Purple Pants With A White Shirt

A white shirt complements a wide range of pants colors, including purple. While white shirts look fantastic with various purple pants shades, they particularly pair well with dark purples or vibrant neon shades, rather than lighter tones like lilac or lavender (at least that’s my preference).

For a casual ensemble, choose classic white sneakers and a brown belt (avoid white belts unless it’s a fully white outfit). Any watch color works, but a brown one adds a laid-back touch. Skip the necktie and consider adding some stylish sunglasses for a relaxed vibe.

Purple Pants With Burgundy Shirt

Purple Pants With Burgundy Shirt

This combination is tailored for the contemporary gentleman who embraces and showcases his fashion-forward style without hesitation. The rich tones of burgundy and purple complement each other, creating a stylish and eye-catching ensemble. You just need to be confident.

My preferred choice is a patterned burgundy and purple shirt, as the combination of burgundy and purple exudes a cool and stylish vibe. Pair dark burgundy shirts with dark purple trousers for a sophisticated look, since it doesn’t complement light or royal purples as effectively.

While navy loafers and a navy belt are an option, opting for burgundy loafers and a matching belt enhances the overall look when paired with purple trousers and a burgundy shirt. To introduce a touch of navy for contrast, consider incorporating it into the necktie and watch.

Purple Pants With Pink Shirt

Purple Pants With Pink Shirt

Wearing pink with purple pants can make a bold and stylish statement, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Confidence in both yourself and your style is key, as you might receive questions or comments from other guys. A pink shirt is a great choice for men with brown or black skin tones.

If it were up to me, I’d only recommend pairing a light pink shirt with dark purple pants. Nevertheless, some guys prefer the combination of a light pink shirt with light purple slacks, which can work well for a spring or summer day out. Other combinations are possible, but I find these two the best ones.

For your shoes, belt, and watch, stick to either full navy or full burgundy, depending on the occasion, desired contrast, and time of the year. Alternatively, you can combine both colors, but make sure the shoe color matches the belt color.

Purple Pants With Grey Shirt

Purple Pants With Grey Shirt

Grey, being a neutral color, can be paired with various shades of purple. However, I’m not particularly fond of combining a grey shirt with vibrant purple trousers, as the contrast doesn’t look that attractive to me. There are better color pants to match with a grey shirt.

Nonetheless, a light grey shirt complements dark purple pants for a striking contrast or can pair well with lighter purple slacks for a more subtle look. A dark grey shirt works well with dark purple slacks but might not be as suitable for light purple slacks, in my opinion, since it overpowers shades like lilac and lavender.

Choose dark brown dress shoes and a matching belt, along with a navy necktie and a navy watch. Alternatively, you can opt for burgundy shoes and a matching belt, or go for a burgundy necktie and watch.

How To Match A Shirt With Purple Pants?

When selecting a shirt to pair with your purple pants, it’s essential to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, how the shirt complements your skin tone, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Purple Color In Men's Fashion

When deciding on the ideal shirt color to complement your purple slacks, it’s helpful to consider the analogous colors of purple, which are the colors adjacent to purple on the color wheel and share similar undertones, creating a harmonious effect, making red (prefer burgundy) or blue shirts great options in this context. 

Yellow is the complementary color of purple, offering a high level of contrast as they are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel. However, I personally dislike pairing a yellow shirt with purple pants, so it ultimately depends on your individual style preference.

Contrast And Patterns

Purple Color - Contrast and Patterns

Many men, myself included, often opt for contrast by matching purple pants with a shirt of either light or dark color, choosing a dark color shirt for light purple trousers and a light color shirt for dark purple slacks to create a striking visual balance.

When opting for a patterned shirt with your purple trousers, it’s important to pair it with plain pants, and vice versa, if you’re wearing patterned purple slacks, opt for a non-patterned shirt to maintain a balanced ensemble. Also, if your purple patterned pants include a shade like blue, a plain blue dress shirt would emphasize the color connection within your outfit.

Skin Tone

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When selecting a shirt to pair with your purple trousers, it’s vital to consider not only the best color combinations for your overall look but also how the chosen colors harmonize with your skin tone, as the right colors can accentuate your natural features and complement your undertone, ultimately enhancing your appearance.

No need to worry if your skin tone doesn’t precisely match the ones in the image. You can simply choose the skin tone that you feel is most compatible with yours and select the colors that you believe look best (ensure that those colors look good with your purple pants).

Dress For The Occasion

Purple pants are versatile and suitable for various casual occasions, like casual days out with friends or a date night with someone special. The darker the purple, the more polished the look, while lighter purples exude a more relaxed vibe. The choice of a dress shirt color can also impact the overall smart or casual appearance.

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