What Color Shirt With Navy Shorts? (Outfit Ideas)

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Navy shorts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For casual outings, you can pair them with a t-shirt or polo shirt for a laid-back look. For a smart casual event, you can opt for a short-sleeved shirt. But what color shirt with navy shorts?

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Shorts?

The shirt colors that best complement navy shorts are blue, pink, grey, white, green, and burgundy.

What Color Shirt Goes With Navy Shorts

I’d like to clarify that this article primarily focuses on chino and cargo shorts, excluding other styles. However, the recommended colors should complement any short style. Additionally, regarding shirt styles, I’ll suggest various options such as casual shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts to offer a diverse range of choices.

There are other shirt colors that can complement navy shorts, including red, yellow, orange, and purple. However, I focused on the six colors mentioned above as they are particularly well-suited for navy shorts. You can check out some different color shirts with blue shorts.

Navy Shorts With A Blue Shirt

Navy Shorts With Blue Shirt

I’m a fan of monochromatic outfits, especially with blue tones. A blue shirt complements both navy pants and navy shorts beautifully in my opinion. This uniformity and consistency in color create a visually balanced and pleasing look that is easy on the eyes. You have the option to select from a blue shirt, polo shirt, or T-shirt as they all make excellent choices.

The most obvious match is a light blue shirt with dark navy shorts, as the cool tone of light blue complements the richness of navy shorts, creating a summery and relaxed vibe. While a dark blue shirt is less common with navy shorts due to creating a darker ensemble, it can be suitable for evening gatherings when the summer heat has decreased.

A monochromatic look with navy loafers, a matching belt, and a navy watch is a solid choice. However, I personally lean towards brown loafers, a brown belt, and a brown leather watch. Brown pairs exceptionally well with navy, offering a balanced and stylish contrast that’s hard to beat.

Navy Shorts With A Pink Shirt

Navy Shorts With Pink Shirt

Light pink shirts are usually preferred over pink polos or T-shirts by many men, as they’re seen as more acceptable. Pairing a pink shirt with navy shorts not only creates a pleasing contrast but also works well for various spring and summer occasions.

The top choice, in my opinion (and for many men), is combining a light pink shirt with dark navy shorts. You can also consider vibrant pink or even deeper shades with navy shorts if that’s your preference. Pink in any hue tends to contrast nicely with navy, with lighter pinks often giving the most appealing look.

You could go for navy loafers, a matching belt, and a navy leather watch with this ensemble. However, I personally lean towards brown loafers and a brown belt for a touch of warmth. Keeping the navy watch adds a nice contrast with the light pink shirt. And of course, don’t forget your sunglasses for that extra touch of style.

Navy Shorts With A Grey Polo Shirt

Navy Shorts With Grey Polo Shirt

A grey polo shirt with navy shorts may be considered conservative by some guys, but I find it quite stylish. Pairing a grey shirt, polo shirt, or T-shirt with navy shorts creates a fantastic combination. The specific shade of grey you choose can vary depending on the time of day and the overall look you’re aiming for.

For daytime gatherings, opt for a light grey polo shirt paired with dark navy shorts. Hold the charcoal and dark grey polo shirts for evening or nighttime events, as they offer a more sophisticated look. Given the season is spring or summer, it’s wise to avoid entirely dark outfits to keep things light and vibrant.

Navy loafers look great with navy pants and also navy shorts. So opt for navy loafers and a matching belt along with a navy, grey, or silver watch to round off your outfit. Alternatively, consider grey sneakers (but avoid running shoes) or loafers with a grey belt. Burgundy loafers and a matching belt are also stylish options for this ensemble.

Navy Shorts With A White Polo Shirt

Navy Shorts With White Polo Shirt

Sporting a white shirt with navy pants or navy shorts is a timeless choice in men’s fashion. Whether you go for darker navy shorts or a lighter navy blue, the pairing works effortlessly because white is such a versatile and neutral color. I typically lean towards a white polo shirt in this scenario, although any kind of shirt would work just fine.

While you might consider sticking with brown or navy loafers, opting for a pair of sleek white sneakers can give your ensemble a casual and relaxed vibe, especially during the summer. Many guys appreciate the crisp look of white sneakers this time of year. Complete the outfit with a brown or navy belt and a matching watch for a cohesive look.

Navy Shorts With A Green Polo Shirt

Navy Shorts With Green Polo Shirt

Pairing a green polo shirt with navy shorts is an obvious choice here. There are many different shades of green in men’s fashion, and all of them will pair well with navy shorts (and with khaki shorts too). However, some greens are more appealing than others.

While we often seek contrast, I’m not particularly fond of pairing a light green polo shirt with navy shorts. I lean towards shades like sage green, which offer a light hue without being overly soft. Khaki green and olive green are also appealing options, especially for evening gatherings.

Maintain a consistent navy theme for the rest of your outfit, including navy loafers or sneakers, a matching navy belt, and a navy leather watch. While green loafers that match your shirt’s shade are an option, a cohesive all-navy ensemble tends to be simpler and more effective.

Navy Shorts With A Burgundy T-Shirt

Navy Shorts With Burgundy T-Shirt

The deep, jewel-toned burgundy complements the darker navy blue, adding depth and visual interest to the outfit. You can select any shade of burgundy, as they all complement navy shorts beautifully. While it’s challenging to pinpoint the best one, I lean towards a softer burgundy shade for a more refined look.

This pairing is perfect for showcasing your burgundy loafers and belt. Make sure your watch is in navy shades to create a contrast with your burgundy T-shirt. You can also opt for a burgundy polo shirt for a smarter look. Don’t forget to add your favorite sunglasses for extra style.

How To Match A Shirt With Navy Shorts?

When choosing a shirt to match your navy shorts, factors such as color coordination, contrast, pattern usage, skin tone compatibility, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.


Matching Navy Color In Men's Fashion

To find the perfect shirt color that complements your navy shorts, consider analogous colors that share similar undertones with navy. Green or purple shirts are excellent choices as they create a harmonious effect due to their proximity to navy on the color wheel.

Orange is the complementary color to navy, offering a striking contrast as they are opposite each other on the color wheel. Alternatively, you can achieve a monochromatic appearance by incorporating varying shades of navy in both your shirt and shorts.

Contrast And Patterns

Navy Color Shorts Contrast and Patterns

Typically, men aim for contrast by combining light navy shorts with dark-colored shirts or dark navy shorts with light-colored shirts. Navy blues typically exhibit a slightly lighter shade compared to other navy hues, although navy itself isn’t inherently a lighter color.

When choosing a patterned shirt with your navy shorts, ensure the shorts are plain to maintain balance. Conversely, if your navy shorts are patterned, opt for a plain shirt. Also, if your patterned navy shorts feature a shade like green, a plain green shirt will highlight the color connection in your outfit.

Skin Tone

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When selecting a shirt to pair with your navy shorts, it’s crucial to consider not only the best color combinations for your overall look but also how the chosen colors harmonize with your skin tone, as the right colors can accentuate your natural features and complement your undertone, ultimately enhancing your appearance.

No need to worry if your skin tone doesn’t precisely match the ones in the image. You can simply choose the skin tone that you feel is most compatible with yours and select the colors that you believe look best (ensure that those colors look good with your navy shorts).

Dress For The Occasion

Shorts are typically worn for smart casual or casual occasions. Tailored shorts and chinos suit smart casual gatherings, while linen shorts are ideal for relaxed events. Most materials work well for these settings, but avoid denim or linen at smart casual gatherings.

Similarly, short-sleeve shirts are often associated with smart casual attire, while T-shirts are the most casual option. Polo shirts fall between shirts and T-shirts, making them suitable for smart casual or casual occasions.

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