What Color Shirt With Red Pants? (Outfit Ideas)

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Many men tend to opt for burgundy pants over red ones, as they are suited for different occasions, despite sharing similar tones. Nevertheless, some men appreciate red pants for casual ensembles. The question you have is: what color shirts with red pants?

Red pants for men make a bold and spirited fashion statement, allowing you to stand out in a crowd. This vibrant choice can add a touch of excitement and energy to your wardrobe, suitable for various casual occasions. So let’s explore the six shades that coordinate the best with your red pants.

What Color Shirt With Red Pants?

The shirt colors that best complement red pants are white, blue, navy, grey, pink, and black.

What Color Shirt With Red Pants

The various tones of red in your pants can impact the choice of your shirt color, suggesting whether light or dark hues are preferable for specific colors, while certain colors harmonize well with various red shades.

Red Pants With White Shirt

Red Pants With White Shirt

Every guy has at least one white shirt in their wardrobe, and it’s easy to understand why. A white shirt complements not only red pants but also pants of any color, making it a safe choice when in doubt. A white shirts look great in brown and black skin tones too.

If your red trousers have a vibrant shade, a white shirt is the optimal choice (seriously, believe me), providing a pleasing contrast. For a summer look, pair a white shirt with light reds such as salmon, or opt for darker reds like crimson for a night out.

Embrace the casual vibe of red trousers by pairing them with white smart sneakers (avoid running shoes) and a brown or navy belt for a stylish contrast. If you choose to wear a necktie, opt for burgundy or navy to add a pop of color to the outfit. Complete the look with a burgundy or navy watch.

Red Pants With Blue Shirt

Red Pants With Blue Shirt

A blue shirt with red pants is a classic and harmonious choice, as blue and red are analogous colors that complement each other seamlessly, regardless of the specific shades chosen. A blue shirt is a great choice if you have a pale, fair, or black skin tone.

Blue is my favorite color, and a light blue shirt is my top choice to pair with various shades of red. While I lean towards dark blue shirts with deeper red pants, the combination also works well with salmon slacks. For vivid red pants, it’s advisable to steer clear of royal blue, as combining two vibrant shades might be overwhelming.

While you have the option to wear brown shoes and a brown belt, I would opt for a cohesive navy theme. Select navy loafers, a matching belt, and if sporting a light blue shirt, a navy necktie; for a darker blue shirt, consider a pink or burgundy tie. Complete the ensemble with a navy watch.

Red Pants With Navy Shirt

Red Pants With Navy Shirt

I generally lean towards a navy shirt paired with dark red slacks, given how well both colors complement each other. However, I’ve been experimenting with a navy shirt and pastel reds like salmon, and I’m enjoying the contrast between the two colors, so it’s worth trying out, considering it looks quite smart.

An approach I enjoy is simplifying the outfit to just two contrasting colors. Pair your red pants with navy loafers and a navy belt for a striking contrast. With your navy shirt, you can incorporate red or burgundy tones in your necktie and watch. Additionally, patterned shirts featuring both navy and red hues can create a stylish look.

Red Pants With Grey Shirt

Red Pants With Grey Shirt

Pairing a grey shirt with red pants creates a stylish and balanced look that blends sophistication with a pop of color. The neutral tone of the grey shirt complements the vibrant red pants, allowing you to showcase your fashion-forward style without overwhelming the outfit.

A light grey shirt complements vibrant red slacks or even darker red hues. Silver tones are also an excellent choice. Meanwhile, a charcoal shirt pairs well with lighter shades of red. When it comes to salmon hues, a dark grey shirt is the ideal pick, as it provides a stylish contrast.

For footwear, opt for brown shoes with a matching belt to maintain a stylish yet casual look. A pink tie contrasts well with a grey shirt, but you have other options such as navy, burgundy, or silver, depending on your personal style. My preferred choice for a watch in this ensemble is brown, though a silver metal watch can also be an excellent pick.

Red Pants With Pink Shirt

Red Pants With Pink Shirt

While not a common choice for most men, a light pink shirt paired with dark red pants can create a stylish look. It’s a bold choice that some may not feel comfortable with, but if you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try. I wouldn’t recommend dark pink shirts with red pants, as the combination may not look as appealing.

A burgundy tie is among my favorite choices with a pink shirt, and it complements the overall look nicely by providing contrast with the shirt and harmonizing with the red hues of the slacks. Complete the outfit with a burgundy watch, brown shoes, and a matching brown belt.

Red Pants With Black Shirt

Red Pants With Black Shirt

Pairing a black shirt with burgundy pants is one of my favorite choices, although I’m less inclined to do the same with red slacks. Black exudes formality and red is vibrant, making burgundy a more sophisticated intermediary. Nevertheless, combining a black shirt with red trousers can still create a stylish look.

I’m not a big fan of a black shirt with salmon trousers, but I’ve seen guys pull it off. My preferred choice is to pair a black shirt with dark red slacks for a subtle yet appealing contrast. Surprisingly, it also complements vivid red slacks well, despite the stark contrast in formality between the two shades.

While black shoes are typically formal and red pants are not, I still appreciate this combination, especially with dark red pants. Opt for loafers instead of oxford or derby shoes. Ensure your belt matches the shoe color, and add a burgundy tie and watch for contrast with the black shirt.

How To Match A Shirt With Red Pants?

When selecting a shirt to pair with your red pants, it’s essential to consider factors like color coordination, contrast, the use of patterns, how the shirt complements your skin tone, and dressing appropriately for the specific occasion.


Matching Red Color In Men's Fashion

When choosing the perfect shirt color to coordinate with your red pants, consider the analogous colors of red, which are the colors adjacent to red on the color wheel and share similar undertones such as orange and pink. I excluded orange shirts from my list as they are not very common, and I wouldn’t typically pair them with red trousers (you can try them if you enjoy them).

Green is the complementary color of red, providing the highest level of contrast as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel. I don’t mind pairing an olive green shirt with red pants; you just need to make sure the shades of green and red complement each other.

Contrast And Patterns

Red Color - Contrast and Patterns

Most men often seek contrast by pairing red pants with a shirt of either light or dark color, choosing a dark color shirt for light red slacks, and a light color shirt for dark red trousers, creating a visually striking and balanced ensemble.

When opting for a patterned shirt with your red pants, it’s essential to pair it with plain slacks, and vice versa, if you’re wearing patterned red trousers, opt for a non-patterned shirt to maintain a balanced ensemble. Also, if your red patterned pants include a shade like blue, a plain blue dress shirt would emphasize the color connection within your outfit.

Skin Tone

what colors should i wear

When selecting a shirt to pair with your red trousers, it’s vital to consider not only the best color combinations for your overall look but also how the chosen colors harmonize with your skin tone, as the right colors can accentuate your natural features and complement your undertone, ultimately enhancing your appearance.

No need to worry if your skin tone doesn’t precisely match the ones in the image. You can simply choose the skin tone that you feel is most compatible with yours and select the colors that you believe look best (ensure that those colors look good with your red pants).

Dress For The Occasion

Red pants are versatile and suitable for various casual occasions, like casual days out with friends or a date night with someone special. The darker the red, the more polished the look, while lighter reds exude a more relaxed vibe. The choice of a dress shirt color can also impact the overall smart or casual appearance.

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