What Color Tie Goes With A Navy Shirt? (Outfit Ideas)

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Navy shirts exude a classic and versatile appeal, often considered a wardrobe staple due to their timeless elegance. One might assume that pairing any color tie effortlessly complements navy, but what color tie goes with a navy shirt?

The key lies in selecting the ideal tie color, and aligning it with the nature of the event, the contrast and the rest of the outfit. Let’s explore some exquisite tie color combinations that beautifully complement navy shirts.

What Color Tie Goes With A Navy Shirt?

The tie colors that best complement a navy shirt are burgundy, silver, grey, pink, navy, and green. 

What Color Tie Goes With A Navy Shirt

I want to highlight that navy shirts can also be matched with gold, red, and purple ties. Although I lean towards the six shades I mentioned earlier rather than these three, fashion preferences differ, so it’s worth experimenting to find what resonates best with your style. If you’re drawn to the combination, it’s worth giving it a try.

Whether your navy shirt is darker or lighter, it complements a wide range of tie colors. Let’s review each tie color separately to determine what color tie goes with a navy shirt.

Navy Shirt With A Burgundy Tie

Navy Shirt With A Burgundy Tie

When selecting a tie to pair with a navy shirt, navy suit, or a blue shirt one of my top choices is burgundy. Navy and burgundy create a rich and elegant color pairing. The deep, classic navy tone provides a solid base that complements the warmth and richness of burgundy, creating a visually appealing contrast.

It’s quite versatile how navy blends with burgundy in various combinations, all appearing pleasing. However, consider pairing a dark navy shirt with a deep burgundy necktie, while opting for a navy blue shirt with a more reddish tone for the burgundy tie. The darker tones of these colors allow them to complement each other without clashing.

I’d suggest incorporating shades of brown into your ensemble by selecting brown shoes and a matching belt. Khaki, being a versatile shade, complements navy, burgundy, and brown. Pairing khaki pants with a navy shirt is a fantastic choice. To further accentuate the burgundy necktie, consider wearing a burgundy watch.

Navy Shirt With A Silver Tie

Navy Shirt With A Silver Tie

Similar to burgundy, a silver necktie also provides a strong and noticeable contrast when paired with a navy shirt. The deep hue of navy serves as an excellent backdrop for a silver necktie, allowing the silver color to stand out without being overpowering. This contrast can create a visually appealing and polished look.

The deep hue of navy, whether it’s dark navy or navy blue, serves as an excellent backdrop for a silver necktie. It creates a classic and elegant combination that’s suitable for various formal and semi-formal occasions.

Since silver is a shiny shade similar to grey, pairing it with a light grey suit can accentuate your navy shirt while ensuring the necktie matches the suit’s shades. Complement this ensemble with dark grey shoes and a coordinating belt (or opt for both in navy if preferred), and accessorize with a silver watch.

Navy Shirt With A Grey Tie

Navy Shirt With A Grey Tie

Navy is often associated with professionalism and control. Pairing a navy shirt with a grey necktie can project a confident and professional image, making it an ideal choice for business attire. It’s a subtle yet refined choice that demonstrates attention to detail and a sense of style. A grey necktie also looks good with a black shirt.

If you prefer a subtle contrast, pairing your navy shirt with a charcoal or dark grey necktie can create a professional look. For a slightly more casual vibe, a navy shirt with a light grey tie can be an alternative to a silver tie, offering a similar yet distinct appearance.

If you select a charcoal or dark grey necktie, consider pairing it with a dark grey suit for a cohesive color scheme. Incorporate navy tones into your dress shoes and belt, and complement the ensemble with a navy or grey watch.

Navy Shirt With A Pink Tie

Navy Shirt With A Pink Tie

Some guys may be surprised, but a pink necktie with a navy shirt creates a striking contrast. The deep, dark navy serves as a solid backdrop that allows the pink necktie to stand out vividly, creating a visually appealing and eye-catching combination.

Avoid vivid or intense shades of pink when selecting a necktie to pair with your navy shirt. Opt for lighter or darker hues of pink to achieve a more complementary and balanced look with the navy shirt. I often lean towards a light pink necktie when pairing it with a dark navy shirt, and for a navy blue shirt, I prefer a darker shade of pink tie.

This mixture is quite a casual and modern approach to men’s attire, demonstrating a willingness to experiment with colors. A combination of white trousers, a navy belt, matching navy shoes, and a navy watch offers a stylish yet casual appearance.

Navy Shirt With A Navy Tie

Navy Shirt With A Navy Tie

Pairing a navy shirt with a navy necktie creates a cohesive and streamlined appearance. The monochromatic ensemble gives off a modern and minimalist vibe, showcasing a clean and polished style.

Attempt to incorporate a necktie in a slightly different shade of navy from the rest of your outfit, aiming for an extremely subtle contrast. If your shirt is a dark navy hue, consider a navy blue necktie, and vice versa. Paying attention to these subtle details won’t go unnoticed by fashion enthusiasts.

A navy shirt pairs well with navy pants, but you don’t need to restrict the entire outfit to navy or blue (although it does look good). Brown shoes complement navy pants and navy suits excellently and you can wear a brown belt for added contrast to the ensemble.

Navy Shirt With A Green Tie

Navy Shirt With A Green Tie

Blue and green are analogous colors, residing next to each other on the color wheel and sharing similar undertones. This association creates harmony and makes them an excellent pairing. A navy shirt with a green necktie is great for a casual business event or a casual day out.

Steer clear of lighter greens and instead consider forest green, dark olive green, emerald green, or khaki green as the best shades of green for your necktie. These shades contrast and complement a navy shirt most effectively.

I’ve noticed men pairing a navy shirt with a light green necktie, although personally, I didn’t find this combination particularly appealing.

How To Match A Tie With A Navy Shirt?

When choosing a tie to match your navy shirt, factors such as color coordination, contrast, the rest of the outfit, and dressing according to the occasion are all crucial considerations.

Focus On Color

The critical aspect is to ensure that the color of your tie complements your navy shirt well; it sets the tone for the overall appearance, with other elements falling into place accordingly.

Selecting the ideal necktie for your navy shirt often involves opting for classic colors like grey or navy. Additionally, less conventional choices such as burgundy, silver, pink, and green ties can also complement a navy shirt.

Focus On Contrast And Patterns

Ideally, aiming for contrast between your tie and navy shirt is key to making your necktie stand out. Colors like silver, pink, burgundy, and some shades of green provide great contrast and enhance the overall look. Yet, if you prefer a more monochromatic approach, selecting a navy or grey tie can offer a subtler contrast.

When selecting a patterned tie to pair with your navy shirt, it’s essential to ensure a balanced outfit by opting for a plain navy shirt. If your navy shirt features a pattern, choosing a non-patterned tie is the ideal choice. Moreover, if your patterned navy shirt includes a shade of grey, pairing it with a plain grey necktie can emphasize color harmony within your overall ensemble.

Focus On The Outfit

Your outfit should not be dictated by your tie; instead, your tie should complement your ensemble. Ensure that the necktie either stands out or harmonizes with the overall monochromatic appearance of your outfit. This approach helps achieve balance and prevents clashes in colors or patterns.

Focus On Occasion

It’s crucial to consider various factors such as the formality of the occasion, the setting among friends or clients, the seasonal aspect (summer or winter), and the event’s nature (celebratory or formal). All these elements significantly influence the choice of color for your necktie.

Grey, navy, and silver neckties may be better suitable for formal events with clients and winter gatherings, but burgundy, pink, and green ties match a more casual event, with friends, celebrating a summer day.

Common Questions

Can I Wear A Black Tie With A Navy Shirt?

Opinions may differ regarding the choice of pairing a navy shirt with a black tie. Personally, I’m not particularly fond of this combination as it offers minimal contrast. For a subdued, low-contrast look, consider opting for a navy or dark grey tie to complement your navy shirt.

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